Monday, 9 November 2009

Sharon's Card

Oops!!  Forgot all about posting yesterday and am late posting today and I can't even say it is because I am really busy as things have eased off a bit for me now which is REALLY nice!!

Anyway today I wanted to share with you a card that I was presented with by Sharon when I was up at Stamp Addicts in October.  It was a complete surprise to receive it.  As you can see Sharon chose the Mimi character (by Denami Design) who is most like me - or at least who was most like me because as you know I can't eat chocolates any more - still perhaps one day...........Thanks Sharon - I will treasure it!  (By the way if you want to make me a Christmas card at all.........................!!!)


After having been making Christmas Cards since August I suddenly realised over the weekend that Christmas really isn't that far away now - how did that happen???  So now that I have more of an even schedule from now until Christmas I have been thinking that I may see about making some Christmas cards for me to send to a few special people.  Although I'm thinking that I may well cheat and base my Christmas Cards on designs I have already done!!


Sharon G said...

Thanks for posting my card on your blog. I like the little 'designed by' bit that you added on to the bottom - very professional!!!

I am glad you liked it - I think that it takes another cardmaker to truly appreciate a hand made card and to get the thumbs up from you means a lot to me!

Of course I would love to send you a Christmas card but I don't have your address - you have my email address if you want to let me know!

I wonder if Denami could be persuaded to bring out some 'short haired' girl stamps???!!!

Take care


Kay Carley said...

Hi Sharon - don't worry I'll sort out getting my address to you!!

Glad you liked seeing your card - it was the least I could do after you taking the time and trouble to make it for me!!

Kay xx