Thursday, 19 November 2009

Need Your Help!!

Morning guys.  First of all many thanks to those of you who left me a comment regarding the previous post.  I have taken all your comments on board and have decided when I go ahead with the competition I will not judge the cards in any way but will make it into a draw where I will allocate each card with a number and then use the random number generator to pick a winner.  That way anyone with any ability will be in with a chance of winning - I hope this sounds ok!!  Once I get myself a bit more organised I will post up proper details on how to enter so watch this space!!

Meanwhile I am hoping that someone out there can help me!!  I have been trying to locate a UK Stockist who currently has in stock the AMM Totecally Cool Desktop Tote in Wild Berry but so far without any success.  Does anyone out there know of anywhere that has one currently for sale?  I have posted up a picture of the one that I am after so you will know what I am going on about.  Any help will be gratefully appreciated!!


As most of you will be aware Christmas is fast approaching and so yesterday I thought that I had actually better start doing some Christmas shopping.  As Debenhams are currently having their Christmas Spectacular it spurred me into action yesterday so I bravely went and hit the shops.  My first hurdle was actually trying to find somewhere to park as spaces were hard to find - how can this be??  We are still in November for goodness sake!!  Anyway I managed to locate a space where I could park for 2 hours and then went in search of Debenhams - my goodness was it busy in there!!  It was absolute bedlam in some of the departments.  Still it was well worth me going as I was able to get some good bargains which I was pleased about so I am currently feeling a bit smug that I have made a start on my Christmas shopping!!  I'm sure that  most of you will have already done most of yours but what can I say??  I'm obviously not that organised!!  Thankfully I don't have loads of people to buy for so that makes it a lot more manageable.  Even though it was busy in some of the stores I quite enjoyed myself as I just LOVE Christmas and seeing all the Christmas decorations up and hearing Christmas songs playing quite got me in the mood for it all! 


tracy said...

Hi Kay
you can find one here
hope this helps
tracy x

lisa said...

Well done on cracking your Christmas shopping Kay. I shall be braving Debenhams on Saturday although that might be a mistake. I'll let you know. Although I've nearly finished my shopping, yes smug I know, I still like to go round the shops at this time of year too just to get in the mood, I especially like the christmas Markets, they really put give you the Christmas Spirit.


Teresa said...

Can't help you with the organiser hun, but it looks like you could get an old fashioned milk bottle wrack and make it into a craft project but decorating it up in your special way. (Last resort of course).

Craftnut said... - currently out of stock - this one offered to order it in on a scrabook forum.

Hope this helps!

Kay Carley said...

Thanks Tracy but unfortunately it is based in the US and the delivery charge is almost as much as the tote itself!!

Hi Lisa - I certainly don't envy you tackling Debenhams on a Saturday! You must be mad!! I do need to do some more shopping but I'm going to leave it for a little while and hope that some more sale days appear!

Hi Teresa - I think you give me more credit for my crafting skills than I possess!! Although I must say it certainly does look a bit like a milk crate!

Hi Tracy (Craftnut) - I had seen these sites too when I googled the tote but after you posting them up I have contacted Oyster Stamps to see if they will be having any more in and am currently waiting to hear back from them.

Thanks guys for trying for me - really appreciate it.

Kay xx

G Peplow said...

HI Kay, found this tote at Oyster stamps, it's available now but I don't know for how long;
Good luck, mustavcoffee x

G Peplow said...

Oh! just read the last post, they may not be in stock but they are still showing them, hope they've got them in now!
Happy New Year anyway x