Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Have You Missed Me??

Hi Everyone.  As the title says..............have you missed me?  Did you even notice that I've been gone????

I'm afraid that for the past 10 days or so I have had major computer trouble!!  It all started when my computer absolutely refused to start!  So I called my computer guy who stopped by later that day and after running a few tests was unable to fix it there and then so he took it away.  Basically to cut a long story short after trying for several days he was unable to get my files and folders off of the computer and the disk drives had become so corrupted that it was pronounced unfixable!!  So not only did I lose 2 weeks worth of work (as I hadn't backed it up) but I also had to say goodbye to my computer and see about getting a new one!!  Meanwhile I was checking my emails on my ipod but trying to type replies on it was a nightmare so I soon gave up!!

Anyway as of yesterday I am now up and running with a brand new computer and am having to get used to the new operating system of Windows 7 as well as finding my way around a whole new model!!

As you will know from my last post, I mentioned that Jill and I would be on your screens again shortly but unfortunately my back has not been good since my last trip.  So when you next see Jill she will be on her own but I will leave it up to her to tell you all about the next show on Create and Craft.

At the moment I am busy loading all my software, installing the updates for the software and loading my files onto the new computer as well as trying to catch up with the work I lost!  Unfortunately some cards have gone forever but fear not I still have some to show you!

Meanwhile I must say a huge thank you to Sandy from The Craft Barn as she has invited me to be part of The Craft Barn's Design Team so expect to see some Craft Barn orientated cards soon!!


Zuila said...

Helo Kay, welcome to blogsfera

Craftnut said...

Glad you are ok Kay.

Tracy x

Artyjen said...

I don't envey you having to load all the software etc again.......how time consuming!!
Welcome back.

Pauline said...

Hi Kay,

Of course we missed you!! I've been checking almost every day. Then I started to wonder if you might be ill.

It's a shame about your computer. I don't know what method you do use to back up on a ad-hoc basis. But if you want a really easy method of backing up buy a ClickFree Auto Backup Portable Multi PC Hard Drive from QVC. I wouldn't be without it. First time I backed up with it, it took a while as there was so much. Now, once a week I plug it in and wait for it to finish it's incremental back up. All is done and dusted in less than 10-15 mins. In slower time I also copy files across to another external hard drive (as a back up to the back up, as you should never rely on just one).

Received my subscription issue of Craft Stamper today and there is an offer to pre-order all 3 of your DVDs and save some money.

Just spotted your article using the WOJ stamps. My WOJ winter 2009 kit arrived today as well. The images are adorable.

Hugs, Pauline x

Sarah K said...

Yes of course you have been missed xx

Kay Carley said...

Hi Guys. Thanks so much for your comments - it's nice to know that you hadn't given up on me!

Pauline - I do have an external hard drive and had done a full back up 2 weeks previously to my computer going down. HOwever I had never got round to setting my computer to do a daily backup but that has now been the first thing I've done. Some of my pictures and documents are also backed up onto disc as well. Good job as I would have lost everything! My computer guy worked on it for 3-4 days before he declared it a lost cause - he did say that it could be sent away to a specialist but that it would cost anywhere over a thousand pound to recover the information! As it is my new computer has cost over that so I wasn't prepared to pay that for just 2 weeks worth of work!! So now buying a set of Bazzill swatches will just have to wait! By the way thanks for telling me about the DVD's in CS - I haven't received my copy yet so didn't know about this.

Kay xx

lisa said...

We have missed you Kay!!!! I saw on Jill's blog you were having computer problems. They are a nightmare when they won't work aren't they, especially when you loose stuff.
Sorry to hear you won't be with Jill for the next C/C show. I love your techniques, will just have to buy your DVD's to make up for it!!!!
Congrats on The Craft Barn DT too.


Littleminx said...

Hi Kay

Sorry to hear your news. Computer problems are a nightmare but nowhere near as bad as a poorly back. I hope you feel better soon


Sara xx

Kay Carley said...

Thanks very much Lisa and Sara.

Thankfully my back is now slowly improving but no more long journeys for me for a little while!!

By the way although I wasn't planning on buying a new computer just yet - it is VERY nice. I just hope that it behaves itself!!

Kay xx

Pauline said...

Wow Kay, I am seriously impressed by daily back-ups. With IT it's a necessary nause.

Ouch at the cost of the new computer. It must be a beast of a machine at that cost!

Shame about waiting to get the Bazzill Swatches. They look so pretty in the box. All the colours of the rainbow in one place.

Hugs, Pauline x