Wednesday, 29 April 2009

The Stamp Man's Blog

Hi guys, Thanks so much for your kind words yesterday - they all really cheered me up and I'm feeling a bit more positive today. I know that I wasn't supposed to be working yesterday but I just had to do a bit and have at least got one of the stamp sheets finished. Just need to get the other 2 done which is going to take a bit more time!

I was chatting to Jill (from The Stamp Man) the other day regarding the stamp sheets and much to my delight she told me that she was going to start a blog. True to her word she has now got one up and running and already has posted up quite a bit of artwork so please do hop on over and visit her. I have added The Stamp Man's blog to my list on the left but you can also click here to see it.

Well back to those stamp sheets.............


lisa said...

Glad your having a better day Kay, thanks for the link to Jill's new blog. It's wonderful. I love her artwork.


The Stamp Man said...

Thanks for your comments Kay! I can see this blogging is going to be addictive.

To add a little more positivity to the rest of your day..... the first sheet is now in production!

Debbie was telling a customer about your new stamp sheets today, sorry but I couldn't resist showing them to her. She loved them, as did Debbie. Can't wait to get them now.

Jill x

Kay Carley said...

No worries Jill. I'm really pleased she liked them!

Kay x

DebbiexxMade with Lovex x said...

yes Kay the stamps were lovely,you've done a lovely job.Hope your feeling better
ps-yay at last the ear bashing has worked 'jill has a blog!!!'hee hee

Kay Carley said...

Glad you liked them Debbie.

When I get some more time I will do a proper sheet of Funky Flowers that you requested. I have lots sketched out - I just need to do them properly!

Kay xx

DebbiexxMade with Lovex x said...

That'll be great kay.I'll look forward to it.At the moment im into alcoholic shrunken flowers!!