Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Princess Girl 2

Thank you so much for your kind comments that you have all left me recently - they are really very much appreciated. I spent 2 days absolutely solidly beavering away on these cards for Stamp Addicts and as you know they didn't make it in time for their live show and now I won't get to watch the show either!!! I wasn't able to watch it at the time shown, so I set my Sky HD box to record it - so far so good. However my Sky box has been having a few problems recently and today the Sky man came to fix it but instead of fixing it he has condemned it! This means that I have now lost all the programmes that I had recorded to watch................arrrgghhhhhh!!!

Anyway here is the second Princess card - still without her tiara!! Once again the papers are from The Paper Company and came from The Craft Barn and of course the actual stamps are from Stamp Addicts.

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lisa said...

It's a nightmare when technology fails isn't it, we don't realise how much we take it for granted. Hope things are fixed soon.
Your card is lovely.