Thursday, 23 April 2009

My Secret!

Well yesterday I did sort of promise to let you in on a little secret of mine......................

After designing the stamp for Craft Stamper it got me back into the mood for doodling and so for the past month I have been working on some new designs! It has been almost a year now since the Oriental stamp sheets came out and so it really was about time that I put pen to paper again. However not only do I need to be in the mood to do it but I also need to find some time to fit it in! Currently I am putting the finishing touches to 3 new stamp sheets which I am hoping to launch at The Craft Barn's June Extravaganza Weekend!! As to what they are......................well for now I think I'll keep you guessing but I may in a few days time load up one or two of the new designs for you to see!

Meanwhile I really need your help! I was thinking that it would be really nice to run a competition or offer where the winner could make their choice of picking one of the new stamp sheets. I have heard of 'blog candy' but still being new to this whole blogging malarky I don't know how you go about doing this so if anyone could leave me a comment giving me some ideas I would be truly grateful!

Meanwhile keep watching this space for those new designs...................


IsaNorris said...

ohhhh, looking forward to seeing those !!!

lisa said...

Hi Kay, I can't wait to see your new designs. I already have your daisy daydreams and the oriental bamboo sheet is on my wish list so it's exciting to see what your next one will be.
As to Blog Candy, haven't done it myself but most people just seem to ask people to leave them a comment, become a follower and put a link to your candy on their blog and then one winner is picked at random.
I have some sites on my blog with candy up for grabs, have a look at those for inspiration.
Hope this helps.


KimberlyO said...

Giving blog candy is pretty easy. You can ask people to leave a comment to a specific post by a certain due date. Then you can use a random number generator to randomly pick someone who's posted a comment. This is a good site:

After the due date, print out the comments received, place a number next to each one. Then go to the random number generator. You'll have to input how many random numbers you want. (For example, for two blog candy giveaways, you'd enter "2".) Then enter the value range, "1" to however many comments you've received.



KimberlyO said...

I was so busy focusing on the blog candy that I forgot why I landed on your blog! I just wanted to tell how much I LOVED your article in the March (I think) Crafty Stamper that involved the Stamps by Judith interactive stamps! I "googled" your name and found your blog. I have loved the Stamps by Judith stamps for YEARS! I made a list of the stamps you used, compared this to my stamp database and then placed an order this morning. I also ordered the DVD... which I probably wouldn't have except that your comments about it convinced me that I needed this. (I sure hope they arrive quickly! Thankfully I live about four hours from their store - maybe I should have just driven there!)

Thanks so much for a GREAT article! It's refreshing to see "old" stamps used for awesome cards!!


Kay Carley said...

Thanks Lisa and Kimberly for responding to my plea. I now have a better idea of what to do.

Kay x

Kay Carley said...

Oops forgot to say that I'm glad you liked the Stamps By Judith project in the March issue of Craft Stamper, Kimberly. Thanks so much for stopping by to tell me - it's made my day!

Kay :)

Clarky J said...

Hi Kay I have candy on offer on my blog if you want to hop over and see what Ive done :0)
Im the one organising the atc meet in Skipton. Havent seen your cards yet but Jill told me you had made some so huge thanks x

Anonymous said...

Hi Kay,
Have loved your work for years and have lots of your stamp sheets. Can wait for some new ones to buy!
Debbie x

Jo Austin said...

Hi Kay..

Just my two penneth really... Blog Candy is a great idea, I love doing it on my blog.

What I tend to do is make my post after deciding what I'm going to give as candy, then go into the post options and change the date to one in the future, say in a week's time, so that it stays at the top of the blog. I also request that people can leave a comment on their blog to enter, or answer a question,something like that and I find that they increase traffic through the blog too.

I hope this helps a little.. if you take a peek at my blog then you'll see what I mean about the date thing.

Love Jo xx