Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Pulling My Hair Out!!

Oh dear!! So sorry that I didn't get round to posting yesterday. Have any of you ever had one of those days where you just wish that you hadn't gotten out of bed?? Well yesterday I had one of those days!!

It started off where I had to go out to The Glitter Pot to check up on some things for my classes there in a few weeks time. While I was there I was checking through their display of background papers and discovered much to my horror that practically all the papers I have used so far on the cards I've prepared for their demo weekend are very low and one of them has been discontinued!! I'd purposely used the most recent papers that I had bought too! To make matters worse their suppliers are out of stock of these papers too and there is no way that they can get any more in time!!

Then when I got home I found out that the fonts I had been planning to use on my new designs are most probably copyrighted and I can't use them!! I had thought that I had finished the stamp sheets but now it is literally back to the drawing board. Aaargggggghhhhhhhh!! I am currently trying to have a go at writing my own words and scanning them in but this takes so much time!

Meanwhile this morning I went to the chiropractor and have been banned from doing too much for the next few days! I cannot tell you how frustrating that is as things are just piling up here! So if you don't hear from me for a little while you will know that I am buried somewhere under a mountain of work!

Before I go and have a nervous breakdown I must just say a huge thank you to Lisa for the blog award which when I get a minute I will collect! Thank you so much - I was absolutely thrilled.

Also my thanks to Jo for your comment about the blog candy - that was really useful. I had wondered how people kept a posting at the top of their blog!

Ok I'm going now.............


All Pink girl said...

Oh Kay what a time of it you have been having xxxxhugs
sorry i have not been over but i have had a few days like that with my lay top dying lolxxx
hope you are ok hugs Dawnxxxx

Jo Austin said...

youre more than welcome about the comment Kay... just keep your pecker up, things will look rosier in the morning lol..

I know exactly how you feel about things not going to plan with demo's. I find this myself, it's rather frustrating isn't it.. lol..

Anyway, take care, take it easy and don't stress!

Jo x

Debbie said...

Hi Kay

Sorry to hear about your day...what bad luck...I wish you well, and look forward to seeing more of your work soon.

Take Care

Hugs Debbie xx

lisa said...

Hi Kay

It's just one of those days, things will look better tomorrow.
Have a nice cup of tea and a big bar of chocolate-that'll help things look better!!!!
Glad you like your award, it is well deserved.