Thursday, 3 December 2009

Silver Greetings

Good morning everyone.  Well although I am not actually making Christmas Cards at the moment I still have a few to show you from what I made earlier in the year.  This particular card was one that I made for Stamp Addicts in October for their Demo Day.  All the stamps that you can see on this card are by Denami Design and can of course be bought from Stamp Addicts.  As you can see I decided to keep this card quite monochrome which (I think!!) looks quite stylish.


Now I have a question which has nothing to do with card making whatsoever!!  It is a little known fact but I absolutely LOVE Take That - always have done!!  Much to the absolute disgust of some of my closest friends!!  Anyway because of this I watched the Children In Need concert thing on the telly that Gary Barlow and Take That organized.  I loved it when Lily Allen started singing Who'd Have Known (which is set to the tune of Take That's Shine) and then Take That came on and started singing Shine in conjunction with Lily singing Who's Have Known.  I have had a quick look on the internet to see if there is an MP3 download of this track with them singing together but so far haven't found one.  Does anyone out there know if there is one available somewhere or if it is going to be released?


Lynne K said...

Lovely card. Very classy. I too like the monochrome look. Sorry can't help with the Take That query, though.

Debbie Dolphin said...

Thanks Kay for your comment.I really appreciate it when it comes from the experts.xx
It was funny reading your Take That post because at the time Take That were blasting in my ear!!!lol im a big fan too but i cant answer your question.
Its nice when someone mentions the Craft Stamper because most of my friends and family havent heard of it!At least its nice that my blogging pals get it.There are some lovely people on here.Saying that my mum's pinched my copy!!lol
You'll be waking up in alot of Christmas stockings this year!!lol Ive bought the colouring techniques today for Helen at work
for Christmas.So well done you too xxx
debbie xx

lisa said...

Hi Kay. Love the card, it's really unusual, just that bit different for Christmas.
I'm a huge Take That fan too, this time round, not the before stuff!!! I can't get enough of them and luckily the rest of the family agree. I love the song with Lily Allen too and have been trying to find it without luck. Let me know if you track it down. I heard The Tog Master say there was talk of releasing a DVD of the concert so maybe there'll be a CD too!!
Have a great weekend.


Kay Carley said...

Hi Guys. Thanks so much for your kind words. It's nice to know that I am not along with liking Take That and yes Lisa if I ever do track that song down I'll let you know - perhaps you could do the same for me too??

Debbie - I must be really thick as it took me ages to figure out what you meant about 'Waking up in a lot of people's stockings this year!!' It just hadn't even occurred to me! Thanks very much for the kind words - it means a lot. Even now I still don't think of myself as an expert!!

Kay xx