Monday, 21 December 2009

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!!!

Ok so I know that it is snowing in other parts of the UK but it just isn't doing it here!!  So to help the snow along I thought I'd post up another snowflake card using my Flitter Flutter Snowflake sheet that of course can be purchased from The Stamp Man.  I love pastel colours and I think that this colour combination of lilac and aqua works quite well for Christmas and the use of vellum gives a nice floaty feel to the card.  Now normally I am not a 'peel off' person but I just couldn't find my sheet of stamps that contain some small Christmas wording so in the end I had to succumb to the use of some small Christmas peel offs instead!!

By the way don't forget that my Christmas Card competition finishes on Christmas Eve so if you have a card that you would like to send in there is still time as today is the last guaranteed posting date for first class mail.


Yesterday I went and braved the Christmas shoppers as I had a couple of bits left to get and I have got to say that although it was rather busy it actually wasn't too bad.  Mind you that could be because I only had to go into about 3 shops to pick up the odd thing - probably if I had a whole list of things to get it would have been a different story!!  The worse thing of course was trying to find somewhere to park!!  Although I was very lucky and did come across a space but there certainly weren't many to be had.


On a totally different note I've got to say that I feel really sorry for Joe McElderry being pipped to the post for Christmas No.1 all because of some internet campaign of trying to make sure that Simon Cowell didn't get the No.1 spot this year.  It seems a really mean thing to do to an 18 year old who is making his debut into the music industry.


mckinkle said...

Pretty card Kay, you were lucky with the last minute xmas shopping and the parking! Glad you're all sorted now, Ive just got to wrap everything and still making cards etc, could be worse though!

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Keryn x

lisa said...

Hi Kay.
Glad your shopping went well, hope you're nearly ready for the big day now.
If I don't get by again, have a lovely Christmas.


P.S. So Sorry, I fully intended to send a card for your competion but time has just gone by too quickly and I've not had a chance to do anything. I'll do better next time.

Kay Carley said...

Thanks Keryn. Merry Christmas to you too. It sounds as if you have got a busy couple of days ahead!!

Lisa - hope you have a lovely Christmas too. No worries at all about the competition - believe me I know what it is like trying to get ready for Christmas!!

Kay xx