Saturday, 12 December 2009

How Long Does It Take To Put Up A Christmas Tree??

Hi Guys.  You won't believe this but yesterday it literally took me all day to put up and decorate our Christmas tree!!  This year we went ahead and finally bought a new tree as our old one was well and truly past it.  Last year we had a real one but this year with all the upheaval that is currently going on with our extension we decided to have an artificial one for this year.  So about a week ago we went out and chose a new tree.  Well yesterday when I opened up the box I discovered that you have to assemble this tree branch by branch so that was my first challenge!!  Actually I've got to say that once I'd sorted out all the individual branches it was quite easy to do - it just took a long time spreading them all out as I was going!  My next challenge was putting the lights on it - I always find this the hardest bit as I either have too many lights at the top and run out before I get to the bottom of the tree or I find I haven't got enough lights at the top of the tree and have loads at the bottom so it normally takes a couple of attempts for me to get it just right!!  Anyway about four attempts later the tree finally had it's lights on and then when I stepped back and looked at the tree I realised that this tree required thicker tinsel than what we normally use on our trees so it was then a mad dash to the shops to try and find some thick silver tinsel.  About 90 minutes later I was back home armed with my tinsel and could then begin decorating it.  My final challenge was then threading up some new baubles that we bought last year so that I could actually hang them on the tree which was a really fiddly job!!  Anyway tree is now decorated complete with a couple of presents under it too.  I did take some photos of the tree which I will load up so you can see it but unfortunately the photos that I took don't do the tree justice at all as it is far prettier in real life!!  So with all this tree decorating I just didn't get chance to blog yesterday!


As you already know I was at The Glitter Pot on Thursday teaching a couple of classes and I had such a nice day there so a huge thank you to the ladies who were on the classes for making it such a pleasant day.  One of the ladies brought along a card for my competition and also presented me with a present at the end of the day for under my tree!!  I won't embarrass the lady in question by naming her but she knows who she is and once again I send a huge thank you to her as it really made my day.  Whilst I was there I badgered the rest of the ladies on my class too about sending me a card so I'm hoping that they too will enter the competition.  I have had a few cards turn up for this and it has been soooooooo nice opening them up and seeing your wonderful creations!  And just before I departed The Glitter Pot I was presented with another present for under my tree - this time from the owners.  Then when I got home I found a couple of cards waiting for me too so all in all I had a wonderful day and really felt in the Christmas spirit!


Pauline said...

Hi Kay,

I couldn't help but chuckle at your 'christmas tree' tale, especially about hanging the lights. That is just so me too! After pfaffing around for years I eventually bought a 'twig/branch' fibre optic tree that changes colour. It's very minimilistic. I put 12 baubles on for the 12 days of Christmas and a star at the top. But it can me forever spacing the baubles just so.

Sounds like you had a fun day on Thursday. Pity I live so far away. I would love take one of your classes. I'll have to arrange another weekend in that part of the world.

The new car has over 500 miles on it already and I've only had it 2 weeks! But it's a dream to drive.

Best be off to make some more Xmas cards - these ones for giving out at work. So I need a nice simple, but effective layout and one that is quick. I've browsed through my xmas stamps for images that don't need colouring, just maybe the odd bit of bling as embellishment.

Hugs, Pauline xx

Kay Carley said...

Hi Pauline.
We also used to have fibre optic trees - we actually bought our first one when they first came out but over the years they have all broken down! Hence getting a new tree this year.

I'm glad that you are enjoying your new car! It makes such a difference to the whole driving experience if you are in a car that you love!!

Hope the Christmas card making goes well!!

Kay xx