Saturday, 5 September 2009

Thank You SOOOOO Much!!

I've literally just got home from demoing today at The Glitter Pot and before I head for the settee I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has taken the time and trouble to wish me a Happy Birthday. All wishes were most gratefully received - THANK YOU!!!

I must just tell you all that Sara (a customer of The Glitter Pot's who I have got to know quite well) turned up today with the most beautiful 40th birthday card for me made in my favourite colour of lilac - it is absolutely gorgeous and I hope that she won't mind if I post it up in the next few days for you to see. It really is a work of art!! Not only that but she had also bought me a box of chocolates and had baked me a chocolate cake as well. Sara came through to the room I was demonstrating in carrying the cake aloft with lit candles singing Happy Birthday!! It was SO nice and totally unexpected so Sara if you are reading this THANK YOU SO MUCH - it made my day!!

I also was presented with some other birthday cards too - one from The Glitter Pot owners and another from Paula Pascual who found out today that it was my birthday yesterday. Both of these were again totally unexpected and were therefore really special.

Right I'm off to go and collapse now.................

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Littleminx said...

Hi Kay

Thankyou for the thanks! That was very sweet. I hope you have your feet up after your busy weekend and look forwardd to seeing you next weekend.