Friday, 11 September 2009

A Peek At What I'll Be Demoing!

This is one of the cards that I will have on display this weekend at The Craft Barn's Extravaganza Weekend.

This cutie pie is from Whiff Of Joy and is called Herb! He has been coloured with my new fave markers - Copics!! I'll be demoing how I coloured this image and others all weekend so if you are at a loose end do stop by and say hello!!


Mags said...

Lovely Kay, and having seen them in the flesh - can definitely say they are fab stamps.


(the one who wished you belated Happy Birthday at the demo today)

Sharon Goold said...

Hi Kay,

This comment isn't entirely linked to this post, but it's on the subject of COPICs. I am coming to your class in Bedford (as usual!)and I remeberthatyou asked waht we might like to do. Well I was wondering if you might be able to demo how you do blending with alchohol pens such as Copics or Pro Markers?

Thanks and look forward to seeing you next month.

Sharon x

lisa said...

I'm in love with Herb, Kay, he's fantastic.


Kay Carley said...

Herb is lovely isn't he!! I will be showing you more cards with him and Mrs Herb over the next few days!

Mags - thanks so much for the Happy Birthay message and for introducing yourself!

Sharon - I'm really sorry! I have spoken to the powers that be and unfortunately SA don't have any plans at the moment to stock either of these pens. You'll just have to nag them for me until they do and then I will very happily demo them for you!!

Kay xx