Friday, 25 September 2009

Some birthday photos

First of all my thanks to everyone who posted a comment under yesterdays post.  I really appreciate them so thank you!!  I am not the most confident person in the world so it means a lot!!  This week has just passed in a flash - most of the time I have been sat in front of the tv being hyper critical watching two of the new DVD's.  For some strange reason I blinked an awful lot!!  As far as I'm aware I don't normally blink that much.  All I can think is that I had two very bright lights about two foot away from me pointing directly at me and I guess that was why I was having to blink soooooooo much - not a good look at all!!  Anyway once the camera is off of my face and onto what I am doing it is much better!

Anyway I have finally gotten around to downloading some piccies from my camera that I took of my birthday flowers, cards etc... so here are some of them.

As you can see I was absolutely inundated with flowers which was absolutely marvellous as I just love them.  The middle bouquet that you can see of the roses and freesias and the balloon were from Jill and Ian (from The Stamp Man). The magnificent bouquet on the left and the bouquet on the right were both from some very dear friends.
And yet more flowers!!  I must say that all the flowers were really fresh and lasted such a long time.  Infact today I have just thrown the last of them out!!  You can see a few of my birthday cards underneath too.  Two of which were handmade so were extra special.  The card on the left was made for me by Linda (former owner of The Craft Barn), the cake card was made by Clare who is an old friend and owns her own craft shop in Hailsham called Crafty Clares and the card on the right (with 40 on it) was the card I received from Carolyn and Bryan (owners of The Glitter Pot).  It was waiting for me on my demo table when I turned up the day after my birthday to demo for them at their Birthday Weekend.
And here's my chocolate bottle of champagne from Thorntons!!  It is still unopened as well because as you know I recently found out that I am allergic to dairy products so it will be a while before I will be able to break it open!! 
Tomorrow I'll post up some of the cards I received.

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Jo Austin said...

Hi Kay..

The flowers look beautiful. I bet that room smelt absolutly divine!

I'm with you on the dairy. I can't have it either.. found out around six weeks ago.

Take care..
Love jo x