Thursday, 3 September 2009


Yesterday Mum and I decided to go on another shopping spree for our birthdays! I had finished my cards for my demo on Saturday at The Glitter Pot and am currently awaiting supplies for my demo the weekend after at The Craft Barn so as I was unable to get on with anything workwise it seemed the ideal time to hit Tunbridge Wells, so that is exactly what we did!! I think that we literally shopped until we dropped! I was really pleased with what we got though. My Mum is extremely difficult to buy for so I was so thrilled when we found some things that she liked. So her birthday is now sorted - thankfully even her birthday card is done and dusted and in its envelope!

When I got home after about 6 hours of shopping I found a lovely surprise waiting for me!! I am sure that Jill (from The Stamp Man) won't mind me telling you that she had thought my birthday was yesterday (Wednesday) when it is infact tomorrow! Upon arriving home I discovered the most beautiful bouquet of pink roses and lilac freesias along with a pink and lilac Happy 40th balloon!! It really was such a lovely end to the day so a massive thank you to both Mr and Mrs Stamp Man - the flowers are absolutely gorgeous!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Kay,

"Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear Kay,
Happy birthday to you".

Me & Ken are sending you the very best of wishes for your birthay.

You know what they say "life begins & all that" & now 40 is the new 20.

Glad you & your Mum had a great & successful day in Tunbridge Wells.

Don't know when your Mum's birthday is but please say "Happy birthday" to her from both of us on the day.

Haven't left any other comments as I haven't read your blog for a few days so am having to try to catch up over the weekend.

Any how have a super day!!

a.k.a. Rita xx

Kay Carley said...

Thank you Vicky and Rita. So far I am having a lovely day.

Rita - Mum's birthday is tomorrow and I will certainly pass on your good wishes to her.

I certainly don't know about 40 being the new 20!! I'll keep you posted on that one!!

Kay xx

The Stamp Man said...

Happy 40th Birthday Kay! Have a fabulous day! Jill x