Sunday, 27 September 2009

An Extra Special Card

Over the last couple of days I have showed you some of the cards and flowers I received for my birthday but I purposely held one back as so much work went into this that it deserved to be shown all on it's own.

This absolutely fantastic card was made by a very dear friend of mine and she absolutely slaved over it as she wanted it to be just right.  It really is a work of art and needless to say I absolutely LOVE it!!  As you can see it is a concertina style card.

Here is the other side of the concertina.

Here are the close up pictures of each of the individual pages.  As you can see the little hedgehogs are all excited as they are off to a party!!

Now we can see that it is a 40th birthday party that they are attending and as you can see they have brought presents!

This next page shows that the party has now started and the hedgehog looks very pleased to see that bottle of champagne!

On this page the hedgehog has spied a present!

Time to start unwrapping!

Present opened!!
Did you notice all the appropriate wording on each of the pages too!!  It really is a work of art.  Thank you Jenny Wren.


Lynn said...

Wow that is a great card, I love it. Your friend did a brilliant job.

Lynn x

Helen said...

What an absolutely stunning card! and belated congratulations on the milestone (I am 10 ahead of you this year...) and the DVD's

Christine said...

Kay, this is a beautiful work of art, so much thought has gone into making it special for you.
Your friend obviously knows your favourite colours.
Thanks for sharing
Christine xx

Pauline said...

Hi Kay,

I left a comment yesterday against this post, but as usual it was while at work and the system plays up at lunchtime.

There's an awful lot of thought behind this card. I love the way your friend has used the stamp images to tell 'a story'. It's absolutely gorgeous.

Hugs, Pauline x