Sunday, 2 August 2009

Time Flies Past!!

Morning everyone. So far this morning I have been trying to catch up with a few things. I know I said this only a couple of days ago but I just cannot believe that we are now into August - I am still baffled as to where July went??

It really doesn't seem possible that the Stevenage show is only a week away and what really shocked me was looking at my blog and discovering that my birthday is only 32 days away!! When I first loaded that counter onto my sidebar at the beginning of the year it seemed like some far off event and now it seems that it is nearly upon me! The really frightening thing is that as yet I haven't sorted out anything to do for my 40th. I am most definitely not a 'party person' as I hate being in the limelight so originally I thought it might be nice to go out to dinner somewhere with a select bunch of friends but the trouble with this is that only one of my close friends lives locally - all the others are dotted around the country with their own lives to lead. So I am not too sure quite what to do now - if anyone has got any brilliant ideas I'd love to hear them!!

On a totally different note now Pauline has very kindly done some research on Rita's behalf regarding a double poppy stamp and you can find the links here within the comment section.

I'll be posting up the winner for the blog candy a little later on..............

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