Thursday, 6 August 2009

It's Sooooooo Hot!!!

Morning everyone. I thought I had better do my daily post before I melt!!! It is SOOOOOO hot here today on the south east coast. I know that lots of people really like the heat but being so fair skinned I am one of those people who just wilt!

Anyway here is the other card that we made last Friday in the morning at The Glitter Pot. This is another Penny Black stamp called Constellations. Penny Black is one of my all time favourite stamp companies - I LOVE flower stamps and PB do some great modern flowery type stamps. (This of course can be purchased from The Glitter Pot.)

The other day I had to have my photograph taken - now there is a reason for this which I will share with you another time but meanwhile I have loaded the photo onto my sidebar so you can all see what I look like! Normally I will run a mile before having my photo taken but sometimes needs must!!

Another thing I have just loaded onto my sidebar is the Twilight fan logo that Isa Norris designed. I have just finished reading the Twilight book and can't wait to start on the next one now! Infact if I wasn't busy preparing for Stevenage on Sunday I would quite like to be sat outside in the shade with my head in a book. I LOVE reading but unfortunately, just recently, I haven't had much time for that!!


Pauline said...

Hi Kay,

I had to read the beginning of your post twice. It's not hot in Bristol, in fact the sun has put it's hat on. As I look outside it's grey, wet and miserable.

Great card. I have a lot of PB flower stamps too. As well as their 'hedgies' and 'teddies' - too cute!

I'd love to be able to attend classes at The Glitter Pot and The Craft Barn; but it's a tad too far to travel on a regular basis.

Hugs, Pauline x

lisa said...

Hi Kay. Hope you've survived the heat. It's been lovely here today but not as hot as the South. We've lost the sun now though, appararently rain is on the way,just for a change!!!!
Your photo is beautiful. I think we are all self conscious aren't we, I know I'm the one usually behind the camera much to everyones dismay!
Another gorgeous card. I love these PB flowers, I think they'll have to be added to the wish list!
Stay cool!!


Kay Carley said...

Hi Pauline and Lisa,

Glad you liked the card. Still not too sure about the photo (of me) but it is too late now!!

I don't know what the temperature here got up too - all I know is that it was way too hot! Thankfully it now looks as if it might rain so that should cool things down a bit here!

Kay xx