Monday, 24 August 2009

A Day Out!!

Well as always my classes at The Glitter Pot ran over on Saturday! This was actually my last Saturday class for this year at The Glitter Pot - I am back there before the end of the year but just not on a Saturday. (My next Saturday class is actually at The Craft Barn on the 19th September which is the Saturday after their Extravaganza Weekend.)

Talking of which yesterday I decided to go on a little jaunt to The Craft Barn! There were a whole host of things that I wanted to get from there and it would have been a big box to send to me so as the weather was nice I decided to go in person. I won't tell you how much I spent but it was a lot!!

I have been wanting to have a play around with the Ten Seconds Studio stuff and The Craft Barn stock a really good selection of this. I came away with several different colours of metal sheets, the two different sorts of mats to work on using the metal, a large paper stump and the basic kit of tools. I am really looking forward to having a play around with this stuff - I have seen some of the wonderful effects that Linda Brown has created with it and am eager to have a go at it myself although I am hoping to use it in a different way. I just need to find some time to play with it now and as you already know I don't get much of that!!

Of course I didn't just come away with that!! I also bought the last set of Copic Ciaos that I was lacking in so I now have the complete set of 144 colours! I also bought one of Isabelle Norris's new stamp sheets - the flower one, and am eagerly waiting to find some time to try them out. These designs remind me very much of the Art Impressions watercolour stamps which I am a great fan of and so when I saw this sheet of stamps there was no doubt in my mind that I had to have them!

I had also been wanting some of the new light Alcohol inks to play with too and so now that I have got the metal sheets I just had to buy some of these as of course they will dry onto metal. Then I am a sucker for tiny embellishments of rhinestones, nailheads etc... so a few of these fell into my basket along with some beautiful background papers all of which I can't wait to start using!! Oh to have some time to play...............


Anonymous said...

Hello Kay
Sounds as though you had a great day yesterday & a real spend up.
Hope you soon find the time to get to play with all your lovely new purchases.
a.k.a. Rita xx

Kay Carley said...

Hi Rita,

Thank you. I am really looking forward to working with the metal in particular!

Kay x

Pauline said...

Hi Kay,

It's a good job I don't live close to The Craft Barn and The Glitter Pot or I'd be destitute! When I attended The Craft Barn Extravaganza back in June I spent over £300! On the way home we had a minor detour to The Glitter Pot. I hit 3 figures again, but at least it started with 1...:-)

I've been building up my collection of Copics gradually with purchases mainly from Cult Pens (the cheapest I've found for the Sketches in the UK). I've also bought from DickBlick (USA) and MerriArtist (USA).

I bought some Ten Second Studio stash from The Craft Barn after reading an article in Craft Stamper. So far I've been too busy to play.

Have you seen Shimmerz? If you love Glimmer Mist and Radiant Rain, then you'll love Shimmerz. Crafts U Love is now stocking it here in the UK, but I bought most of mine from Jackson Belle Embellishments (USA) and All That Scraps (USA) online stores.

Hugs, Pauline x

Kay Carley said...

Hi Pauline,

Thankfully normally when I am at The Craft Barn or The Glitter Pot I am only there because I am working and because of this I don't normally get time to look around and therefore don't spend too much. However if I have made a trip out there to buy something then it is a totally different story!!

For the next few weeks I will be too busy myself to play around with what I bought as I have a lot of preparation to do for The Glitter Pot's weekend and also The Craft Barn's weekend then of course I am back at the Craft Barn the weekend after for a day of classes. Perhaps when that is done I can find some time to 'play'!

Haven't seen the Shimmerz but will definitely keep an eye out!!

Kay xx