Friday, 21 August 2009

At The Glitter Pot!!

Morning everyone. Today I am at The Glitter Pot all day teaching so no doubt I will be heading straight to the settee when I get in!!

For those of you who live anywhere near Bedford I thought I would let you know that I will be at Stamp Addicts again on the 16th October which is a Friday. I am due to take a class there from 3-5pm which I think is Christmas based so if any of you out there feel like coming along you will be more than welcome. Also if any of you have anything in particular that you would like me to do for the class let me know as I may be able to work it in!! On the 17th October Stamp Addicts are holding a Demo Day which I will be attending so again if any of you fancy coming along to this it will be lovely to see you! No idea as yet what I will be doing but I am hoping that perhaps Sarah will let me continue working with those new Denami Christmas stamps!!

I'll see about posting up the Glitter Pot Class cards sometime this coming week for you all to see!!

By the way please ignore that it says Friday at the top of this post - it is actually Saturday. I wrote this last night so I could just post it up this morning and for some unknown reason I cannot change the date on it to todays date (Saturday 22nd August)!!


Anonymous said...

Hello Kay
Hope you had a good day at "The Glitter Pot" today & that all went well.
Look forward to seeing the cards.
Trust you will not be too exhausted when you arrive home.
a.k.a. Rita xx

Kay Carley said...

Thanks Rita.

K xx