Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Mrs Christmas Mimi

Here is another one of those new Mimi Christmas stamps by Denami - this time with Mimi decked out in her Christmas suit. The dotty swirls that you can see stamped in the background, the wording and the stamped snowflakes are also by Denami.

The image was coloured using Polycolor pencils and blended using Zest It blending solution. Although you can't see it from the scanned in picture, subtle sparkle was also added to the colouring with the use of Sakura Stardust pens.

All of the stamps and products for this card can be bought from Stamp Addicts.


Yesterday was a very rare day for me as I actually had the whole day off from crafting!! In the afternoon I took my Auntie to see the new Harry Potter film - we both absolutely LOVE the Harry Potter books so of course seeing the films when they hit the big screen is absolutely essential. Although the film is very good and cleverly made I still think the books are SO much better. For me the later films don't go into enough detail but then I realise that to do that they would probably have to be double the length that they are now which I suppose isn't that practical!! I had heard originally that they were going to split the last book and make it into two films which I am really hoping they do - does anyone out there know if this is still the case?


Anonymous said...

Hi Kay,
I realy like this card,I love stamp addict's stamp's anyway.
I went to see Harry Potter and although I enjoyed it the book has loads more detail that was not used.
I have had a look at some of your other card's and I really like your flower pot card's.So the weekend I thought I would have a go at some masking you can see the card on my blog,
I also heard the next hp film was in 2 part's


Pauline said...

Hi Kay,
I love the card, very elegant. The black and silvery grey combo makes the colour on Mimi image pop.

I really must start making some xmas cards, so that I'm not frantically trying to finish them in the last few days before Xmas Day.

Glad you enjoyed your day 'off'. I've only ever seen the first Harry Potter film. I enjoyed it, but hubby refused to go see any more.

Hugs, Pauline x

Kay Carley said...

Hi Vicky - glad my cards inspired you to have a go at doing some masking yourself. I did pop over and have a look at your card and the pots look good!

Hi Pauline - the trouble with making Christmas cards in the height of summer is that you just don't feel very Christmassy!! Believe me I wouldn't be doing any at this time of year if I could help it! Unfortunately though for the next couple of months that is exactly what I will be doing!

Kay xx

Craftnut said...

Hi Kay

Cards are great...

I've just booked a spot at your workshop at stamp addicts - very excited as i enjoyed the last one, plus i get time off work.

The books are never re-lived on the screen and i think it is a shame but i still enjoy the films. They are splitting the last book into two so hopefully they will capture more detail.

Tracy x

Kay Carley said...

Hi Tracy - thanks so much for booking onto my workshop again at Stamp Addicts. (I hadn't realised that they were now advertising it!) I really appreciate your support especially as you are having to take time off work to attend. I am so glad you enjoyed the last one - I remember you as being one of the quiet ones busy beavering away!!

Kay x