Thursday, 20 August 2009


This Denami stamp of Mimi with her caroller friends proved to be very popular at Stevenage. Somehow it seems to be both traditional and modern so appeals to both tastes!

Both the carollers and the music notes were stamped with Starlite Black Brilliance and then the image was coloured in first using Polycolor pencils along with Zest It blending solution and paper stumps and then subtle sparkle (which the scanner didn't pick up) was added over the top using Sakura Stardust pens. The clear Stardust pen was used to colour the books that the girls are holding and prisma glitter was added to the fur trim with the use of a bullet tipped glue pen.

The Denami Large Dot Swirls was stamped randomly on the black panel using White StazOn and one swirl was stamped in the bottom right corner of the light grey panel using Starlite Black Brilliance. The wording on the black panel was stamped over the white swirls using that same white inkpad.

Stamps used:
Denami Design
A90 Mini Music Notes
M71 Christmas Carollers
M65 Large Dot Swirls
F181 Classic Season's Greetings

By the way it turns out that I can no longer have the type of chocolate I adore as I am allergic to dairy products as well as some other stuff. To say that I am not impressed is an understatement!! Somehow plain chocolate just doesn't do it for me as I love the creamy taste of milk chocolate so I am off now to go and order some dairy free milk chocolate which isn't anywhere near the same as Cadbury's Dairy Milk but at least it is still chocolate!!! (Not that I am obsessed with chocolate you understand!!!!!!!!)


Anonymous said...

Hello Kay
Love the card, think the stamp is fab' & as you say encompasses both modern & traditional.
Poor you!! No more milk chocolate!! My heartfelt condolences.
How about carob chocolate?
I have only tried the carob chocolate chips but they are quite good plus they are even more so when used to make choc' chip cookies & muffins.
They can be bought in health food shops.
Anyway just a thought.
a.k.a. Rita xx

Pauline said...

Oh no! How awful not being able to eat the chocolate you love. Is it just milk chocolate, or all chocolate made with dairy products?

I never knew dairy free chocolate existed.

Love the card by the way - simple and stylish.

Hugs, Pauline x

Kay Carley said...

Hi Rita. Haven't tried Carob chocolate and don't know much about it so will try to find out more!

Glad you like the card Pauline. Unfortunately it is all chocolate that contains dairy! Some plain chocolate (the darker kind that I can't stand!) don't contain dairy either but I find this too strong and would rather not eat chocolate at all than eat that!! Although so saying Thornton's plain chocolate is ok as this only contains 60% cocoa whereas a lot of the others that are plain and don't contain dairy tend to be 70% cocoa or more which makes it quite bitter! I only know that dairy free chocolate exists because my Mum became allergic to dairy products a little while ago!

Kay x