Saturday, 8 August 2009

A Sneak Peek For Tomorrow

Well after making Christmas cards on the hottest day for three years I thought I would give you a little peek of what I have been creating for Stevenage tomorrow.

This has been made using the latest range of Christmas stamps by Denami. I will be demonstrating these tomorrow so if you are going to the show do stop by Stamp Addicts's stand (where I will be busy beavering away) and say hello!


Anonymous said...

This is a lovely card Kay,I have to say I am a fan of your stamps and confess to have some of your Aspect's of Design sheet's,I didn't realise you have some new ones until I stumbled on your Blog and have to say they are another fav to add to my collection.I am new to blogging and have added you to my list so will be looking forward to seeing some more of your post's.
I met your Mom at the Nec and had a lovely chat with her at The Stampman stall,that's were I brought one of your stamp sheet's, you were on the Stamp Addict's stall demoing some beautiful card's.Have a great day at the show.


Kay Carley said...

Hi Vicky,

Well I'm glad you managed to stumble across me!!

As for meeting my Mum that must have been a couple of years ago now as she hasn't been to the NEC recently - I do hope she didn't bend your ears too much! (She does like to talk!!)

Thanks so much for your kind comments and of course for buying and liking my stamp range!!

Kay x

Judy's Crafty Moments said...

This is a gorgeous card Kay and I particularly love your colouring of the image. Such beautiful colours. have a great day tomorrow!
HUgs Judy xx

lisa said...

Hi Kay. This is a really classy xmas card. I love those elegant carol singers.
Your last PB card is great too. I was fascinated with the stickers, they really look like stamped images, very clever.
Hope you have a great weekend. I am off on my hols soon so won't be around on blogland for a couple of weeks. I'll have all your lovely things to catch up on when I get back.


Kay Carley said...

Thanks Judy and Lisa,

I'm so glad you liked the card - I tried to keep it quite simple which can be hard for me sometimes!!

Have a great holiday Lisa.

Kay xx

judith@poppy cottage said...

Hi Kay, looking forward to coming to say Hello tomorrow! Will be nice to see you face to face, as so many other places that you go are too far away for me! Lovely card, Judith x

Kim Dellow said...

Oh beautiful, have fun in Stevenage. Kim

Kay Carley said...

Thanks Kim.

It'll be great to meet you Judith - it is always nice for me to be able to put faces to names! I'll look forward to it!

Kay x

Pauline said...

Hi Kay,

What a lovely card. I've so far resisted buying any of the Denami Mimi stamps, but I may be weakening.

I'd love to be able to visit Stamperama, but at 150 miles between Dursley and Stevenage it's a tad too far for a day trip!

Have ordered some craft goodies from the States and Norway today.

Enjoy tomorrow, hugs, Pauline x

Kay Carley said...

Hi Pauline,

It's not a lot better for me either as it is a 240 mile round trip!!

Kay x