Sunday, 7 June 2009

Worn out but really pleased!

Hi Guys. I got home a little while ago now from a very busy weekend and have uploaded your comments - am too tired to respond tonight but will do tomorrow!!

A huge thank you to all those who came to The Craft Barn's Extravaganza Weekend and bought my stamp sheets - they seemed to go down really well and I can't tell you both how pleased and relieved I am that you liked them!!! It really does make all the work worth while. I am not a natural rubber stamp designer (being that I am so limited as to what I can draw) and hearing all your comments over the weekend really gave me such a boost so my sincere thanks to you all.

It seems that you also liked the cards that I spent all week creating so again it made all those frantic hours worth while!! I will get round to uploading some cards from the weekend very soon.

I'll catch you tomorrow once I've had a good nights sleep.....................


Anonymous said...

Hello Kay
Not surprised you are so tired.
So glad that you got such a good response to your new stamps & also to the cards you created using them although I am not in the least bit surprised.
Very much looking forward to seeing what you have done.
Hope you have a good night's sleep & wake refreshed.aka Rita xx

Tina said...

Hi Kay
Didn't get a chance to speak to you at the weekend as our table seem to have a permanent crowd around it - both days! but I thought your cards were gorgeous. Stamps lovely as always

Kay Carley said...

Thanks Rita


Kay Carley said...

Hi Tina,

So sorry you didn't get chance to speak to me - it was a really manic weekend wasn't it??

Thanks so much for your kind comments!

Perhaps we'll get chance to speak at the next one in September!

K xx