Friday, 5 June 2009

Stamp Addicts Demo Day Card 3

You'll never guess what?? I have now got some cards together using my new stamps and what's more I didn't struggle with them either!! I think this is the first time ever when I haven't had to think and re-think when using my own stamps for the first time! So Dawn (All Pink Girl) I think your advice must have worked about pretending they were someone elses!! I will load the cards up onto my blog at some point but for now I will continue with the ones that I made for Stamp Addicts.

I have got to say that I seem to be on a bit of a roll at the moment (which won't last!!) as all the Stamp Addicts cards came together easily for me as well. Mind you I really love the interactive flower stamps by Stamps By Judith - I just don't think you can go wrong with them.

For this card I stamped the medium flower pot 3 times and masked the top of the pots just with a straight edge of a piece of scrap paper. This then enabled me to stamp all my flowers into the pots. You'll notice that I also stamped some shrubbery bits in the pots too which helps it to look more natural. All the colouring was done with the Polycolor pencils (which I LOVE) and the Zest It blending solution. These pencils are so easy to work with and blend together really well. I most definitely need a large set of these at some point!!

Stamps used :

Stamps By Judith
H-195 Fine Poppy
F-239 Small Single Daisy
F-188 Simple Daisy
AAA-04 Dots
F-36 Medium Flowerpot
AA-66 Swirl Flower
AAA-140 Sprig-let
AAA-141 Grass Tuft

Judikins - 2972G Mince Flourish

Denami - M65 Large Dot Swirls

All stamps and materials can be bought from Stamp Addicts. (The Stamps By Judith stamps will not feature on their online shopping as they are not allowed to upload the images but they are all in stock - you will find both their email and telephone details on their website.)


So tomorrow I am zooming off to The Craft Barn for their Extravaganza Weekend where I will be demoing with my new stamps along with Copic Ciaos and shrink plastic on the Saturday and Coloursoft pencils and Sansador on the Sunday. If any of you live close enough to drop by it would be great to see you and don't forget to introduce yourself!! I am absolutely rubbish at names though and although I often recognise faces I can't always put the right name to the face so I'll apologise in advance now!! Anyway hope to see you there...........


Anonymous said...

Hello Kay
So pleased that you didn't struggle using your new stamps, can't wait to see the results.
Nice that you're "on a roll" & with a bit of positive thinking on your part it will last; just got to keep telling yourself that.
Love the card & last night I did something similar thanks to your instructions last Saturday but with different plant pot, flower stamps & watercolour pencils.I'm pretty happy with the result.
Have a safe journey to "The Craft Barn" & a fab' time at the weekend; if I lived closer then I would be there on both days (Ken willing) but on second thoughts in view of what happened at "stamp Addicts" I expect you'll be breathing a sigh of relief that I won't be coming.
aka Rita xx

Nicki said...

This is absolutely gorgeous! totally love this, so pretty

Kay Carley said...

Hi Rita,

So glad I was able to inspire you last weekend - I just don't think you can go wrong with the flower pots and flower stamps. It always seems to look pretty no matter what you do!

Don't be daft it was a pleasure to meet both you and Ken. My cards are always getting swacked about and things knocked over so don't worry about it!!


Thanks Nicki - so glad you like it!

Kay xx

Anonymous said...

Hello again Kay
You are being very, very generous with your kind words but I still feel myself blushing when I think about what I did ---- born worrier, that's me!!
aka Rita xx

Pauline Clarke said...

Hi Kay,

Are the polycolor pencils you refer to 'koh-i-noor'? Would 'sansodor' work with them?

Pauline x

Kay Carley said...

Hi Pauline,

The pencils are by Lyra and yes Sansador will work with these. As for the others you mentioned - if you have some of these try the Sansador with them and see what happens - it will depend on what they are made up of as to whether it will work or not.

Kay x