Thursday, 18 June 2009

Stamp Addicts Demo Day - Card 6

As promised here is another of those cards that I made using the Stamps By Judith range for when I was up at Stamp Addicts for their Demo Day.

I know that I have said before how much I like these stamps. I love flowery stamps anyway but these appeal to me so much because you can make different arrangements so easily. I only used the flower pot stamps this time around to stamp them into but of course you can put them into many other receptacles too such as buckets, jars, vases, watering cans etc... Or of course they can just be stamped coming straight out of the ground.

I think that (grudgingly!!) I must agree with Sarah (from Stamp Addicts) that it did me good not having pink and lilac pencils in the tin of Polycolor pencils that she sent me as it did make me use other colours for a change which made me think about different colour schemes both at the time and since.

The background paper that you see on the left of the card is by Daisy Bucket. I just jazzed it up a bit by stamping a couple of stamps onto it to make it tie in more with the main image.

As already mentioned the image was coloured with Polycolor pencils combined with paper stumps and Zest-It blending solution. Prior to this all the flowers and pots were stamped with Graphite Black Brilliance as I have found that StazOn tends to bleed slightly with both the wax from the crayons and the solution whereas Brilliance doesn't providing it has been heat set.

Stamps used:

Stamps By Judith
F-239 Small Single Daisy
F-36 Medium Flowerpot
C-55 Small Flowerpot
AAA-140 Sprig-let
AAA-04 Dots
AAA-141 Grass Tuft
AAA-195 Open Daisy
F-214 Birthday Wishes

M65 Large Dot Swirls

2972G Mince Flourish

All the stamps and materials used on the card are available from Stamp Addicts but don't forget that they can't show the Stamps By Judith images on their website so you will need to give them a ring to order any. (Their contact details can be found on their website.)


Christine said...

Stunning card Kay, like you, I tend to reach for the same colours when doing colouring, mainly shades of purple LOL.
I must remember to give other colours a try
Christine xx

lisa said...

These stamps are really effective Kay. I like the way you build up your image. No two people will ever get the same will they.


Kay Carley said...

Hi Christine - I tend to use purple and blue together an awful lot or pink and teal so it did make me try out different colours which on reflection was no bad thing!! I just didn't particularly like it at the time!!

Lisa - as you say no 2 cards will ever come out exactly the same!! If you really tried to copy a particular arrangement you would be able to get it to look similar but never an exact replica! It would drive you mad trying!!

Kay xx

Nicki said...

gorgeous yet again! i just love what you create with these stamps!

Debbie said...

Fabulous Kay. I love these little pots of flowers, and the colours are really pretty.

Hugs Debbie xx

judith@poppy cottage said...

I love this colour combination Kay, really pretty. I know you're busy, but hop over to my blog i you have time to see what's going on on Friday! Judith x

Kay Carley said...

Thanks Guys. So glad you like them.

Congratulations Judith on being part of the Sugar Nellie blog hop!! I did stop by your blog to see your lovely cards but didn't have time to see everyone elses.

Kay xx