Thursday, 4 June 2009

Stamp Addicts Demo Day Card 2

Morning Guys. Here is another card using that same Large Design Square but this time with different flowers stamped into it. The technique used for this card is exactly the same as the one I posted yesterday and the flowers were coloured using the Polycolor pencils and Zest-It blending solution.

The green background paper is by Daisy Bucket and I can't remember who the blue one is by but they are both available from Stamp Addicts. You'll notice that I stamped some imagery onto these papers using either the Dotty Swirl by Denami or the Mince Flourish by Judikins. The Dotty Swirl was stamped with Brilliance Starlite Black which is a very soft black with a shimmer to it and the flourish was stamped with Brilliance Graphite Black.

Stamps used :

Stamps By Judith
F-239 Small Single Daisy
AAA-04 Dots
H-218-HK Large Design Square

Judikins - 2972G Mince Flourish

Denami - M65 Large Dot Swirls

All stamps and materials can be bought from Stamp Addicts. (The Stamps By Judith stamps will not feature on their online shopping as they are not allowed to upload the images but they are all in stock - you will find both their email and telephone details on their website.)


Anonymous said...

Hello Kay
Just catching up as I was out for the count yesterday after Tuesday's activities.
Love today's & yesterday's cards but yesterday has the edge as it is so calming/soothing to look at.
My congratulations to Jeanette, how lucky is she & how generous are you Kay?
Take care!
aka Rita xx

Kay Carley said...

Hi Rita,

As much as I'd like to take the credit the generosity is down to The Stamp Man and not me!!

Kay x