Sunday, 21 June 2009

The Last of Jill's Cards

Morning everyone. I am already behind this morning as I just did not want to get up after doing my classes yesterday at The Glitter Pot. I nearly fell asleep again on the settee last night but just about managed to hold it together!! I think that everyone enjoyed the classes yesterday - the feedback that I got was certainly very positive which always makes it really worthwhile so thanks guys!

I will begin loading up the cards that we did tomorrow so you can see what we got up to. Meanwhile here is the last of the cards that I sent to Jill, who as I type this will be busy at the Doncaster show. If anyone out there reads this blog and goes to this show do let me know what you think of the cards in real life. I have got to say that this is probably my least favourite of the ones that I did for Jill as again I thought I would try a different colour scheme and didn't really like this one but then just because I don't like it doesn't mean that other people won't so I decided to include it. The background on the left of the card was done with a couple of colours from the Mayday Meadow Starburst Stain set and then was stamped with different flourishes and inkpads. The panel that you see on the right of the card was a piece of plain green textured card that I just stamped over with those flourishes again. The dragonflies/butterflies are from the Funky Frames stamp sheet. Perhaps you guys can help me out with this? I originally drew these insects as being dragonflies but now I can't make up my mind whether they look like dragonflies or butterflies!! What do you think???


Sue said...

I think the colours are great! I like the layering of the background patterns as well - it gives the card greater depth. You are so hard on yourself - must be a perfectionist!
Sue x

Nicki said...

This is just so grogeous, lovely colours and just love what you have done with the butterlies too, so pretty

Sue said...

The colours are lovely and the background layering of patterns and colour gives the card depth. You are so hard on yourself - must be a perfectionist!
Sue x

mad mags said...

Hi Kay

I think it looks like a dragon fly because the body is longer and they look great no matter what, your new designs are brill, can you expain what sansador is please as i cannot find it any where

Regards mad mags

lisa said...

You're awfully hard on yourself Kay. What is there not to like with this. It's a bit different from your usual style but I think those colours work well together. They are like the colour of strawberries with the stalk left on.
As to butterflies or dragonflies, this is a bit more tricky!!! They look like butterflies to me, I think!!!


Kay Carley said...

What can I say?? I'm a Virgo so can't help being a perfectionist!!

At the moment it seems that you think they are butterflies as it is 2 for butterflies so far and 1 for dragonflies!

So keep the comments coming guys as it is hardly a resounding majority as yet!!

Kay xx

PS Sansador is a blending solution which works with the wax in the pencils and smudges it to give a soft blended look (when used with paper stumps which you dip into the Sansador). The Craft Barn sell it (and the paper stumps) but they don't have it online at present however you can ring them on 01342 836398 and order it that way.

Pauline said...

Hi Kay,

I love the colour combo and the layering.

Butterfiles or dragonfiles...hmmmm...after googling on dragonfly and damselfly images, I'd say they are more dragon/damsel fly than butterfly. And v.cute they are too!

Pauline x

Lynn said...

Definitely dragonflies ... and I like the colour scheme ... but then I like anything green 'cos it's my favourite colour. Lovely designs by the way ... as always.

Lynn x

-Agnes- said...

It's a lovely card, I like the fresh colour scheme! To me it's butterflies - for dragonflies I'd expect a longer body.

crafty-littleminx..comblogspot said...

Hi Kay
From one Virgo to another I know what you mean about setting exactingly high standards (even though I struggle to get anywhere near your talent), but I have to say that your least favourite card is still a fab card.
I have also googled dragonflies & butterflies, but think the body is not long enough and the wings are too short and round for dragonflies so my vote is with the butterfly camp...

Rachelsmum said...

Loving the colours on this card, vibrant and fresh looking. I think they look like butterflies/lace wings. xxsue

Purplicious said...

Hi Kay
Whatever they are they look good. I think they look a little more like dragonflies but most dragonflies don't have antennae - artistic licence, they can be whatever you want them to be.

Christine said...

Oooops, nearly missed this card, which as usual is gorgeous. You are to hard on yourself Kay, I love your colour scheme.
Re, butterflies or dragonflies, I say butterflies as I don't think dragonflies have antenna
Christine xx