Thursday, 11 June 2009

My Old Place

Well it seems as if you quite liked the look of my studio from our old place, so I thought I'd depress myself even further and show you a couple more pictures of it. Not only was it built and kitted out to my specification but I also had it personalised too. (By the way it was my Dad who built it and fitted it out as he is a builder/carpenter.)

The first picture shows the other end of my studio where the guillotine, die-cutting machine and a few other bits lived. You can see the window that was down that end has been decorated. I wanted to personalise my studio and so decided to paint the window and texturise it as well using glass paints.

The second picture shows the window up close and as you can see I chose a squirrel!! As most of you are already aware (from my sidebar), squirrels have a special place in my heart and as I had a few little grey visitors out in my studio on a regular basis it was only right that their image appeared inside. When we left I had to leave my window which was even harder than leaving the actual studio as this took such a long time to do. Trying to do the squirrel was an absolute nightmare using the black outliner first and then adding colour with the glass paints but I was pleased with the end result. The leaves were a lot easier to do.

Outside my studio door I had a squirrel that was carved out of marble laid into the path which I'll post up later.


Artyjen said...

It must have been a dream to work in with so much table top space.

Nicki said...

WOW! theres sooo much room! id love a room that size and the door colours are brill! the window really cute too!
if ya giving away the old place... i'll have it! lol

Kay Carley said...

Hi Guys,

I was certainly very lucky and being that I do a lot of my own backgrounds for cards I wanted somewhere that I had room to put them all while they were drying hence all the worktops.

It was certainly a stampers dream!! Still one of these days I'll have a room to myself again but not on such a large scale!!

K xx