Monday, 8 June 2009

The Craft Barn's Extravaganza Weekend

I had intended to post much earlier than this today but I have had my nose firmly to the grindstone yet again trying to make a few cards for The Stamp Man with the latest stamps. I think that I must have been very wicked in a past life as there is definitely no rest for me at the moment!!

I am still on a high though from the weekend after hearing all your lovely comments. My thanks again to everyone that came and made it such an enjoyable time. I really do so enjoy meeting everyone. For those of you that came you will know how busy it was on both days so I hope you were able to see everything that you wanted to - I know from experience how frustrating it can be sometimes from when I used to go to these type of events as a customer.

Do you know I was so tired yesterday when I got home that I actually fell asleep on the settee whilst watching tv last night!! It is SO rare for me to do that as I normally won't let myself for fear that I won't sleep at night but yesterday I just couldn't stop myself!

My thanks to Jo who came on Saturday and brought my Mum a little gadget to play with!! I am so sorry that I wasn't able to have a proper chat with you but you know how manic it was. It was lovely to see you though however briefly and Mum says she would love to borrow the gadget again at the next event!!

I purposely didn't take my camera with me at the weekend as I have a really good camera (apparently) on my mobile phone so I thought I would take some photos with this instead. I got the camera operating on my mobile and lined it up in the screen to take a photo of my work table and then couldn't figure out how to take the actual photo!! This is the first mobile phone I have had that I haven't been able to work out how to take photos with as I don't normally bother with reading the manual. For the life of me I could not work out how to actually take the photo and I still don't know now so I am going to have to hunt high and low to find the manual so that I will know for next time!! I had thought that I would take some photos to upload to my blog to show you all what it was like there............................oh well perhaps I can figure it out for next time instead!!


Anonymous said...

Hello Kay
Trust you are feeling much less tired now even though you have had your nose to the grindstone today.
How unfortunate that you didn't take your camera & then only to find you couldn't figure out how to take photo's with your mobile phone.
Hope you succeed in finding the manual.
aka Rita xx

Kay Carley said...

Hi Rita,

The manual is proving elusive but I live in hope!!

Kay x

Sandra said...

Lovely seeing you and your gorgeous creations again Kay. I too was totally pooped at the end of the Extravaganza. Crashed out on sofa when I got home.... much to the dismay of hungry brood ;o)
Sandra x

Kay Carley said...

Hi Sandra,

It was good to see you too however briefly!! I would have loved to have come round and seen everyone demoing but just didn't get the time. What I did see of everyone's work though looked amazing including yours:)

Hugs Kay x

Pauline Clarke said...

Hi Kay,

It was lovely to meet you and thank you for gift tag. It was good that you demonstrated different colouring medium each day. I shall try my Copics on the Craft Barn's 20p card.

My hubby and I both had a great weekend. Nick at The Bluebell Steam Railway and me at the extravaganza. Though I am considerably poorer now, but shall have hours of fun using my latest acquisitions.

Hugs, Pauline x

PS. What ink pad do you use to stamp the image onto EZ Mount?

Kay Carley said...

Hi Pauline,

It was lovely to meet you too and I am really glad that you enjoyed the weekend.

The Craft Barn's plain white 20p A4 card is the one that I used so I know that you won't have a problem with it using your Copics or the Coloursoft pencils if you have them.

When stamping onto the cling side of EZ mount or equivalent I always use Black StazOn as this one shows up the best and of course drys.

K xx