Monday, 30 August 2010

What A Lovely Surprise

Hi everyone.  I was totally amazed and delighted to be presented this award from Mustavcoffee.  Thank you so much hun!!

Apparently upon receiving this award I need to tell you 7 facts about myself and pass it onto 7 people.  So here goes-

1) This won't come as any surprise to those of you who visit my blog but I absolutely LOVE rubber stamping.  When I very first discovered rubber stamping I was told that it was VERY addictive and I must confess at the time I though 'What a load of rubbish!'. It just shows how wrong you can be!!

2) I'll be another year older this Saturday!  Will I be taking it easy and just relaxing and enjoying my day??...................................No!!  I'll be demoing all day at The Glitter Pot's Christmas Spectacular Weekend!

3) I just LOVE squirrels - both our native red ones and also the cheeky grey ones!  I was VERY fortunate to have a close relationship with several wild grey squirrels several years ago now, and because of this I discovered what great and individual personalities they all have.  There is something very special about a wild animal totally trusting you.

4) As you may have already disovered from my posts on my blog, I just LOVE shopping - whether it is for craft related products or clothes, shoes, make-up etc... I LOVE IT!!  Infact both Mum and I are the original 'shop 'til you drop' girls!

5) This will also come as no surprise to you (considering the colour of my blog) to know that my favourite colour is lilac.

6) I must have one of the biggest rubber/clear stamp collections ever and although I have got rid of some of the stamps that I no longer use (several times!) my collection shows no sign of dissipating as I just keep buying more!  What can I say??  There are just too many lovely designs out there!

7) I like things to be neat and tidy but unfortunately my crafting table can NEVER be called that - lol!!

Ok so now comes the hard bit.........................passing this onto just 7 people!  There are so many wonderful blogs out there but after a lot of thinking, I would like to pass this onto the following bloggers -


I hope that you are all enjoying the bank holiday weekend!


chrissy o said...

congratulations your blog is super been following for a while now
hugs chrissy o

mustavcoffee said...

Hi Kay lovely to see you taking part, Thank you, interesting facts about you:D
Wishing you the Happiest Birthday with Many Returns! for Saturday, (even if you are demoing):D xxx

chris said...

Aww Kay, thankyou for my award I would like to thank my agent and my parents.........
No seriously Kay I am so pleased it so very kind of you. I'm blown away.

chris said...

Oh yes and happy Birthday for saturday.

Crafty Lou said...

Hi! Thank you Kay for my award,so lovely of you :)
***Happy Birthday***
for Saturday and you know you must treat yourself hehe!!
Have a great day,hugs Lou.xx

IsaNorris said...

oh, thank you Kay. You are soooo sweet. Off to post something on my blog...

Julie said...

Happy birthday for Saturday Kay, hope you have a good day. Congratulations on the blog award, so well deserved for all the inspiration you give us. xxx

Julie said...

Hi Kay, I have an award for you on my blog too. Thanks for all your inspiration. xxx