Saturday, 25 July 2009


Morning guys. I was at The Glitter Pot yesterday all day so just didn't get chance to post anything up yesterday! My thanks to everyone who came yesterday - I hope that you enjoyed it. The afternoon class was certainly very different for me because as everyone who knows me, I don't often do quick and simple cards which was what we did in the afternoon. (I'll post up the cards we made next week some time.)

Anyway here is another of those cards from Newbury using the Fine Poppy and butterfly stamps - this one I do like!! I love poppies in real life but it grieves me that they only seem to last for one or two days at most!! Here they were coloured using those Polycolor pencils and Zest It blending solution. As you can see I used that Mince Flourish again to decorate around the edges of the card and those green papers are by Daisy Bucket.

All products are available from Stamp Addicts. However you won't find the wording stamp, the poppy stamp or the butterfly stamp on their website as these are all by Stamps By Judith and unfortunately they are not allowed to display these stamps on their website even though they have got them on their shelves! So if you see anything you like by Stamps By Judith just give Stamp Addicts a ring on 01234 855833.


Anonymous said...

Hello Kay
Liking the card as I too love poppies especially the big double ones. Is there a stamp of those do you know??
Hope you had a good day at "The Glitter Pot" only wish I could have been there.
Looking forward to seeing your quick & simple cards next week.
Best regards! a.k.a. Rita x

Penny said...

very pretty