Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Newbury Card 1

Oh dear!! I had meant to post yesterday but just ran out of time so do forgive me!! Things here are really manic at the moment and will be for the rest of this month so if my posting is a little bit hit and miss I hope you will bear with me!!

My thanks to everyone who has commented over the last few days - I just don't have the time at the moment to reply under your comments but all of them have really been appreciated - thank you!!

Ok so on to the card I have posted up today. This is one of the cards that I took with me to Newbury. (By the way, yes Hels1970 it was me madly stamping away on Stamp Addicts's stand on the Saturday - mind you at times it was quite busy around me so you did well to spot me at all!!) Once again, as you can see, I was working with the Stamps By Judith range along with the Polycolor pencils and Zest It blending solution. I LOVE these pencils so much that in the end I had to succumb to the tin of 72!! The pencils have now been uploaded onto the Stamp Addicts website - basically the pencils are £1 each so a tin of 12 will cost £12, a tin of 24 will be £24 etc... Click here to see them. The pencils are also available to buy individually too so if you buy a tin of 24 and then want to add a few more colours to it you can. These pencils really glide over the paper and you don't need any pressure to get a good covering of colour and they blend really nicely too, but then they are artist quality ones so you expect them to be good really!! Anyway as well as the pencils the Stamps By Judith are also available from Stamp Addicts but don't forget that these won't appear on their website so you will need to phone them on 01234 855833 to order any of them.

Stamps By Judith
F-36 Medium Flowerpot
C-55 Small Flowerpot
H-195 Fine Poppy
F-188 Simple Daisy
AA-66 Swirl Flower
AA-45 Bee
AAA-140 Sprig-let
AAA-141 Grass Tuft
F-214 Birthday Wishes

Denami - M65 Large Dot Swirls

Judikins - 2972G Mince Flourish


Christine said...

My usual comments Kay, fab, gorgeous, love everything about it especially the paper you have used.
Super stamp too
Christine xx

ribenaruby said...

Brilliant card, love the beautiful colouring and those pot images! Fab job.