Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Butterfly Card from The Craft Barn's Summer Extravaganza

Hi Everyone. I don't think that I have shown you this card but if I am duplicating myself I do apologise!! Things here are mega busy at the moment so I don't have time to check!!

A quick posting this time I'm afraid. The butterflies are from the Funky Frames stamp sheet and that fine flourish is from the Fancy Flourishes stamp sheet. The butterflies are also on textured shrink plastic that was heated and shrunk first with a different flourish then stamped into it whilst it was still hot - one of my favourite techniques infact with shrink plastic.

I'll try and post again tomorrow............


Christine said...

WOW, WOW Kay, this is gorgeous and you haven't posted it before.
I love all of these stamps, in my opinion, your best yet.
Christine xxx

Anonymous said...

Hello Kay
Really like this card.
Love using shrink plastic but have never been brave enough to stamp into it so that it becomes textured ----- perhaps I'll pluck up courage eventually & give it a go!!
Regards! a.k.a. Rita x