Sunday, 5 July 2009


Hi Everyone. My thanks to all of you who came by Stamp Addicts's stand yesterday - it was so nice to see you all. It is really nice for me to see familiar faces. I had intended to post yesterday when I got home but by the time I arrived home and had something to eat I just couldn't face moving again, so I just collapsed on the settee and watched a bit of telly before heading for bed.

As you already know I had to get up yesterday at stupid o'clock and consequently this morning I was late getting up. I couldn't believe what the time was when I opened my eyes!! So now I am desperately trying to play catch up as I have loads to do for the next few weeks. (Nothing new there then!!) Actually I am REALLY busy at the moment but I can't tell you why for the time being, so I will apologise now if I don't get time to respond to your lovely comments. However I do really love receiving them though and just receiving feedback in general so please do keep them coming!!

Right I'm off to go and do some work before lunch time - trouble is with the weather being so hot at the moment I would far rather be sitting in the cool somewhere reading a good book!

Anyway I'll catch you tomorrow.......


Pauline said...

Hi Kay,

It was lovely to stop by and have a bit of chat. Sorry I didn't have any Dairy Milk, but it would have melted in the heat. I got home about 6:30pm (my way, not TomTom's way!). I was shattered and my journey was probably a lot shorter than yours.

I have a friend staying over next weekend, so the rest of today is devoted to housework, rather than playing with my latest acquisitions...:-(

Hugs, Pauline

Hels1970 said...

I was at the show in Newbury on Saturday. I saw this lovely, clever lady madly stamping and colouring away on the Stamp Addicts stand. I didn't recognise you, you must have your hair different or something!! I am gutted!! I would have loved to stop for a chat and picked your brains for tips or just have a general yacker about craft! May be next time .....!

I had a good time at the show, went home £250 lighter in the purse, but much heavier in the hands carrying all the bags, now I know why I usually bring my husband ;-).

You are an inspiration, I have most of your stamp range, love them to bits, keep on your excellent work....

Love Helen Oxfordshire x