Wednesday, 6 January 2010

WE Have A Sprinkling Of Some White Stuff!!

Hi guys.  So sorry that I haven't posted for the last few days.  I have had my head down with deadlines which thankfully is now done so I can now raise my head up from my work table and live again!!

We have actually got a very light sprinkling of snow here - just enough to colour the ground so in honour of this I just had to post up this card even though Christmas is now done and over with!!

After having such a failure with our January sale shopping trip Mum and I were going to hit Tunbridge Wells this week to see if we could grab any last minute bargains there but with all the snow forecast for our area we have decided to stay at home instead!!  Just think of all that money we will save - lol!!  I just hope that we do actually get a few cms of snow this time!!  I'll keep you posted............


Poppytree said...

Lovely cards Kay. I'll bet the 'sprinkling' is more of a blanket now! We're snowed in with nearly 12" on the North Downs of surrey!

Kay Carley said...

Hi Poppytree. We currently have just enough to give about a 3-4cm layer on the ground so not very much really! The treacherous thing here is the ice that is underneath!!

Kay x