Thursday, 21 January 2010

When I Could Make Cards..........

Morning guys.  Here's a card that I made last year back in the days when I could craft!!  The main image is a Sugar Nellie stamp available from Funky Kits.  The subtle flower background stamp and the flourish in the top left corner are both by Judikins and the daisy flower in the bottom right corner is a Stamps By Judith stamp. The background paper is by Denami and all of these products are available from Stamp Addicts. Lastly the sentiment is by Craftwork Cards and came from The Craft Barn as too did the tiny Prima flowers.

Here's a close up of the image which was stamped onto watercolour card and coloured using dye-based inkpads.


lisa said...

Ahhh Kay, it sounds like you've been having one of those weeks, although I'm sure you're being far too self critical, your work always looks amazing to me, I wish I just an ounce of the talent you have.
It's horrible when your mojo takes a holiday, but I'm sure it'll return. Maybe some retail therapy will help. Did you ever get any sale shopping done!!
Sending you a hug.


Kay Carley said...

Hi Lisa - I certainly have been having one of THOSE weeks. Luckily they don't come around too often otherwise I seriously would have to consider giving it all up!! Thanks for your kind words but I have seen some of your creations which have been absolutely beautiful!

No I didn't ever get any sale shopping done! Mum and I always enjoy having a 'girly day out' together so I nearly always go shopping with her. Unfortunately though she picked up some sort of horrible virus and didn't feel like going so I said I'd wait until she felt better. By the time she was properly on the mend I was back to being busy and couldn't afford the time! However I do like the idea of some retail therapy so perhaps I could fit something in with Mum next week sometime!

Thanks for the hug! I'm sending you one back!!

Love Kay xx

lisa said...

Hi Kay

Thank you for your lovely comments, I really do appreciate them, especially from you! I love using the funky flowers as embellishments, especially on my scrapbook layouts, they're perfect for that and they can be coloured to match perfectly. They are not to fiddly to cut out, honest!!
I'm sorry to hear your Mum's been under the weather, there's a lot of things about at the minute. Try and make time for some shopping though, I'm sure it'll make you feel a lot better just having a bit of a break.
Thanks for the hug!!


Sally H said...

Keep your chin up, Kay. Thanks for all your lovely comments on my blog. This is a beautiful card. Have you tried recreating something you were proud of? Last time my mojo went for a serious walkabout was when I was surrounded by heaps of wonderful stash after a show. in the end I put it all away, got out some old stamps and made a replica of something I'd made months before. Thankfully it worked! The other alternative is to look at some decoupage sheets, which sends me diving for ink and stamps!!!

Merry said...


Kay Carley said...

Thanks Merry and don't worry I still have plenty of cards to show you until my mojo returns!

Sally - how dare you come and swear at me!!! Decoupage sheets indeed!! That would either get me reaching for my stamps or would make me give up entirely!! Seriously though thanks for your support - I really appreciate it! My New Year's resolution is to try and make time to go and visit other people's blogs especially those of you who take the time and trouble to leave me comments so you may find some more comments from me in the future! I didn't get round to thanking you for buying my Funky Flowers as I spotted some beautiful cards with them - so thank you!!

Lisa - when I get some time and some inclination I am definitely going to try using my flowers as embellishments - I tend to go with what is quick and reach for either a punch or Prima flowers but I will definitely try them out sometime! I'll let you know if we manage a shopping trip!

Love Kay xx

Debbie Dolphin said...

Chin up lass!!!lol the yorkshire in me!!!hee hee
You should see my bin sometimes,its sky high!Then sophie my daughter(she's 10) picks things out of it and makes some lovely things!!
I know we are all critical of our own work(especially me)and im sure what youve made is lovely.Have a break and come back to it another day!!
take care

Pauline said...

Oh Kay, you do seem to having one of those weeks. I'm sure your mojo will come back with a bang! Your cards are always expertly coloured and elegantly put together.

I'm working so many hours at the moment I've hardly any time to craft.

I'm just finishing a late lunch, as I write this.

Stunning card by the way. I adore Elisabeth Bell images.


Pauline x

Kay Carley said...

Thanks Debbie and Pauline - I really appreciate you trying to cheer me up! Been feeling a bit deflated lately which is so unlike me but hoping to perk up soon!

Love Kay xx