Sunday, 24 January 2010

A Day Of Rest!

Hi Guys.  Well with all the paperwork I had to catch up on and then with the preparing I needed to do for my classes at The Barn yesterday I never did get round to trying my hand at making any more things!  Today I am having a day of rest as I am shattered from my day teaching yesterday and then this afternoon I am off to Brighton to go and see Holiday On Ice.  We normally go and see this every year as it is such a good show - each year the theme is different and all the ice skaters in it are absolutely incredible!  It does mean that I won't be at home to watch Dancing On Ice though but I have already Sky +'d it so I can catch up with it later!  (I am soooooo sad as this is currently my highlight of the week!!  I can't wait for Sundays to come around!!)

Anyway back to crafting and I must say a huge thank you to all the ladies on my classes yesterday - without you the classes wouldn't go ahead so I really appreciate it when you spend your pennies to come along!  It was really lovely for me to see some familiar faces as well as some new ones and I hope that you all enjoyed it!  I know that I worked you hard but the cards you made looked stunning!  When I get my act together I will post up the cards that we made so that everyone can see what we got up to. 

I will be back at The Craft Barn again for another day of classes in March. Meanwhile I have some classes booked at The Glitter Pot in a couple of weeks time on Saturday 6th Feb.  In the morning we will be colouring with Distress Inkpads and then using these inkpads to create matching backgrounds. In the afternoon we will be making some Cute Cards - not giving anything away about this one just yet though as I currently have such a list of favourite cute images that I haven't made up my mind which ones to go with yet!  For more information on these classes just click here.

While I was at The Craft Barn I decided to make the most of my time there and did a little bit of shopping!  After being in the doldrums for the last few days I decided that perhaps I needed to buy a few more craft things to get my excitement back for crafting and I think this may have worked as I feel more positive today.  Also I was able to pick up my DT pack whilst I was there so I have lots of new things to play with!!  I'll take a photo of everything this afternoon so that I can upload it in the next few days and show you what I got!!

If you are still reading this I want to say a big THANK YOU to Nicola (winner of the Christmas Card Competition) as yesterday I received an absolutely beautiful card from her thanking me for the Colouring Techniques DVD.  Nicola your card is absolutely stunning and I was absolutely thrilled to receive it.  Would it be ok for me to post it up so everyone else can see it too?

I also have another thank you to make to Jo - I won't embarrass her and say what it is for but my sincere thanks Jo. What you did really cheered me up and was soooo thoughtful!

Well it seems that I have got verbal diarrohea today so I had better go and have something to eat before getting ready to head on over to Brighton.  I hope everyone else is having a lovely weekend.

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Kim Piggott said...

So glad your class went well yesterday Kay. Good to know that you have ordered your watercolour paper too.
Enjoy you time in Brighton.
kim x