Friday, 29 January 2010

My Craft Room!!

Do you remember some time ago now when I shared with you pictures of my studio from where we used to live??  If you don't remember click here to refresh your memory!!  Well since then we have moved and because eventually I will take over one of the existing bedrooms once the loft conversion is done I am currently working downstairs in the front room of the house.  Unfortunately though I have nowhere to unpack anything to so this is how I am working!!

Here's a picture of my card rack that I brought with me along with my 12x12 papers on top.  To the left of the picture you can see some Really Useful Boxes that are full of stamps and as for the rest of the boxes - well they are full of craft stuff!

Here you can see yet more boxes - the ones on the right are full of stamps again - the ones in the middle contain different colouring mediums such as H20's, Tombows, Marvy's, Chalks etc... and the boxes on the right contain loads of different pens, refills for inkpads, glitter glues, glimmer mists etc...

And just when you think I couldn't possibly have any more stuff.................. here is another wall full of boxes - this time 2 deep!  The ones in the front row contain things like inkpads, 12x12 background papers, more cardstock, my own range of un-mounted rubber stamps etc... and the row at the back I currently haven't got a clue as it is too much bother to get there!

You have no idea how much I am looking forward to getting my own craft room where everything has got it's own place to live instead of forever rummaging in boxes!!  However this won't be for at least another couple of years yet!  Still I am lucky in that I do have this room to call my own so at least I can just walk away and shut the door on it at the end of the day.


lisa said...

I'm DEFINITELY coming to play at your house after seeing this lot, Kay. Wow what a lot of boxes. I feel quite modest with my stash now. They should build houses with dedicated craft rooms shouldn't they!
Have a great weekend.


Pauline said...

Wow kay, what is there to be said but 'Wow!' My stash, which Nick thinks would do a shop proud, pales into insignificance. But then you are a professional crafter.

I'd love to have a craft room of my own. I'm soooooo envious :-)

Hugs, Pauline x

Sally H said...

I am so impressed with your organisation! I might have almost as much as you, but it isn't half as well organised!

Kay Carley said...

Thanks so much for your comments guys. Can you believe that I have been working like this for over a year and a half now??!!

As you can see I do have a LOT of stuff - once I am able to unpack it all, I have vowed to go through it all properly and see what I can get rid of. Believe it or not I did actually do this before we moved as well but I am sure that there are things there that I can do without now and will never use again. Although you know how it hang onto things just incase!!

Lisa - I think you might find it a little bit of a trek to come to my house just to play!!

Anyway hopefully all your husbands should feel a lot better about how much crafting stuff you have got in comparison to mine as I really have got enough to open a shop with!!

Kay xx