Monday, 18 January 2010


Hi guys.  A late post from me today as I've been busy banging my head against a brick wall!!  I have seriously not had a good day today at all!!!!!!  For almost 2 weeks now I have been waiting for some products to turn up so that I can begin on my prep for my classes this Saturday at The Craft Barn - for 6 days we didn't get any post because of the snow which I can understand but since the snow disappeared (several days ago now) the products still haven't turned up and I know that they were posted ages ago!  So I have been hanging on, hoping each day that today will be the day that they turn up, all to no avail.  So today I had to make the decision to go with something else instead, only everything that I have produced so far I am not at all satisfied with!!  I cannot tell you how frustrated I am!!!  I just hope that tomorrow the cards come together - all I can say at the moment is that currently my bin is very full!!

Anyway here is a card that did come together!  This is one that I made for one of my classes in December at The Glitter Pot (that I originally posted up a sneaky peek of a couple of days before the class went ahead).  This was another class that was based on using Copics.  I absolutely love this main image as it is just sooooooooo cute - it is a Penny Johnson stamp by StampAvie.  I haven't yet got this in my own collection but I'm sure that I will have before too long!  The background stamp you will probably recognise as the Scrolling Along stamp by Penny Black - as you know I use this a lot!  The papers are by My Minds Eye. Everything can be purchased from The Glitter Pot.

Here's a close up of that colouring for you to see. Several shades were used to colour the bear to achieve the graduation in colour.

Wish me luck with my endeavours for tomorrow as I think I may need it!


Sally H said...

That's beautiful, Kay - so cute! Hope you manage to find the inspiration you need.

Littleminx said...

Hi Kay
I hope the Mr Mojo is back tomorrow. I had the same problem last week, but a trip to the parents has sorted me out and I've been stamping and colouring all week!!


Josephine Thomas said...

The cards are beautiful Kay, wish I was near your bin because I'm sure theres lots there that can be rescued ! Hope to see you Saturday.
Take care

Kay Carley said...

Thanks guys.

Jo - I'm afraid that Mum would beat you to it as she always raids my bin!!

Cards are done now and am busy doing the project sheets in readiness for Saturday. See you then Jo!!

Sara and Sally - mojo still isn't back but perhaps a couple of days break from creating will help as I need to catch up on text for projects etc... so won't be making any cards now for a couple of days.

Kay xx