Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Morning and what a lovely sunny and warm morning it is too!! I feel that I should be outside not stuck indoors with yet more deadlines soon coming my way!

The other day I spent all afternoon colouring the index sheets of the new stamp sheets to send to Jill. I can't believe that it literally did take me all afternoon! I would get so far with one of the print outs and then do something that I didn't like and have to start again!! I have added the finished sheets now to my sidebar for a little while so that you can see them - once I get bored with them I'll take them off! Meanwhile I have still yet to actually play with the stamps. I have got so far as to stamping out some images and that is it!! I now have got to put them to one side and start preparing for my visit up to Stamp Addicts next weekend. So I am sure that those of you who have already got your stamp sheets will be making cards before me!

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lisa said...

Know what you mean about the sunshine Kay. I was stuck inside too and now I'm home it's raining, just typical.
Your stamp sheets look lovely coloured. I have put mine on my xmas wish list, I know that is ages away but I have put a buying ban on myself to try and use what I actaully have already. I've managed to keep to it so far with just a few slip ups!!!!