Tuesday, 26 May 2009


So this morning I am off to get my hair cut which is just as well as it won't do anything that I want it to at the moment as it has got too long and thick. Believe me if I owned a pair of thinning scissors I think I would have had a go at sorting it out myself as it has been driving me nuts!

Because I am busy, busy, busy at the moment and can't really afford the time to go to the hairdressers, yesterday afternoon I spent my time colouring in some images so that I can take them with me today and sit in my hairdresser's chair and cut them all out!! I would've taken some colouring to do too but there isn't room there for me to find somewhere to put all my pens and pencils and there's definitely no room for me to assemble a few cards either!!


Artyjen said...

Now that is a serious habit! LOL

Anonymous said...

Hello Kay

Missed catchng you yesterday but love the card, especially the choice of colours.

Sorry you are having problems with the computer which is not helping especially if you are so busy.

We switched some time ago from using Internet Explorer to Firefox because it was regarded to be much safer to use & have never regretted doing so.

Hope all goes well at the hairdressers, try to chill out while you are there.

Take care.

aka Rita

Debbie said...

Hi Kay

My hair needs cutting too, but I don't know what style to go for...I have my son's wedding to think about, so not too drastic I think.

Don't know how you manage to sit in the hairdressers cutting out. I have enought trouble drinking a cup of coffee. Way to go though. good luck.

Hugs Debbie xx

lisa said...

Goodness Kay do you ever stop. I put a comment today on your last post re the problems with IE. Hope it helps.