Friday, 15 May 2009

Shrink Plastic Class

Tomorrow I am at The Glitter Pot all day teaching classes on shrink plastic which is definitely one of my favourite mediums to work with. When I first started using shrink plastic (many years ago!!) I couldn't get on with it at all. It wasn't until I tried using a different heat gun (the white one that looks like a hairdryer) that it all came together for me and I haven't looked back since. I still don't get on very well using the long heat guns with the plastic as I find that they are too fierce.

Anyway I am digressing! The card I've posted up today is one that we will be making in the morning using Penny Black flowers and that Penny Black background stamp (that I keep using on all my cards). The little shrunken bees in the punched out flowers are from the Flutterfly Friends stamp set by Stampendous. The stripey background paper is by Daisy Bucket and the leaves are by My Minds Eye. All of these things are available from The Glitter Pot.


Anonymous said...

Hello Kay

Only wish I lived close enough to get to "The Glitter Pot" tomorrow as I love the card & the colour scheme.

I too love shrink plastic as I find it really fascinating & could work with it all day & everyday watching it turn large stamped images into miniatures.

Thanks to your postings I am learning to be more adventourous with mixing different papers.

Hope all goes well for your class.
aka Rita

P.S. "Thanks!" for your comment nice to know you take the time to read what I & others write, don't feel nearly as stupid now.
as I did.

lisa said...

Love these Penny Black cards Kay. Your colours are just so fresh and zingy. I love shrink plastic too. Must be the little kid in us getting excited by something that looks like magic!!


Kay Carley said...

Hi Rita. I always read everyone's comments as it means a lot that people have bothered to go to the trouble to write about something I've written or shown and when I get the time (not always I'm afraid!) I do try and respond!
I'm glad you're liking the postings and that it is giving you some ideas!

K xx

Hi Lisa. Glad you're liking the Penny Black cards as there are more to come along with shrink plastic!!

K xx

Christine said...

Hi Kay, Like Rita I wish I was near enough to come to your class at The Glitter Pot tomorrow.
This is a beautiful card, I so like the Penny Black stamps you are using. Your new stamp sheet arrived this morning, Funky Flowers, it is GORGEOUS. I will be experimenting over the weekend and may even give Shrink Plastic a try.
Nice to know you prefer the White Heat Gun, this is the one I have.
Enjoy your day, I know all at The Glitter Pot will enjoy having you there.
Christine xx

Kay Carley said...

Hi Christine. Thank you so much for such lovely comments. I really appreciate them. Both classes are full tomorrow so I'll be up to my eyes in shrink!!

I purposely made the flowers on the Funky Flowers stamp sheet a bit larger than normal so that they would shrink well. Let me know how you get on as you will probably use them before I do as I've had to be getting on with other stuff!

K xx

Gill said...

Hello Kay
Thank you for a lovely day of shrinking and colouring at The Glitterpot today and for your inspiration. Have just looked back over your blog at the other super ideas. Look forward to more fun with you next month. Until then take care and hope all goes well with the promotion of your new stamps - they look super. I must try to do a blog myself!

Kay Carley said...

Hi Gill,

I'm so pleased you enjoyed the class as it was quite 'full on' wasn't it?

Thanks for the good wishes regarding the new stamps. Why don't you leave me a comment under the 'blog candy' post as you are then in with a chance of winning the Funky Flowers stamp sheet as well as the other bits.

See you next month.

Kay x