Monday, 25 May 2009

Internet Explorer Is Driving Me Crazy!!

Thank goodness there are other internet based programmes out there because at the moment me and Internet Explorer are most definitely not friends!! Nearly every time I try and use it, it decides to shut down on me - hence my post being rather late today!

And it is yet another shrink plastic card - see I was a very busy bunny!! All stamps on this one are by Penny Black and the papers are by My Minds Eye. Again not my normal colour scheme but this one reminds me of autumn because of the reds, greens and oranges.

Meanwhile I hope that everyone out there is having more luck than me at the moment with surfing the internet. Everything was fine until I downloaded Internet Explorer 8 - that was my downfall I think!


Cazzy said...

That looks gorgeous, what ink did you use Kay?

Jo Austin said...

It may not be your usual colour scheme Kay, but it is beautiful. I bought myself a pack of My Mind's Eye the other day and I love it!

Regarding internet explorer, mine was being a pain in the arris, so I have just started using Firefox and it's brilliant!

Jo x

Penni said...

Love this card Kay - the flowers are wonderful.


Anonymous said...

I know its driving me nuts too!
Great card!

hmmm I have some shrink plastic and should really get it out and experiment.

Kay Carley said...

Hi Guys. Thanks so much for your kind comments. I'm pleased you liked it - I think that sometimes it does us good to work out of our comfort zone.

Cazzy - the ink I used was black StazOn to stamp the image onto the frosted side of the shrink plastic (as I had used frosted shrink) and then the image was coloured with Coloursoft pencils, paper stumps and Sansador.

Jo - I have got Firefox but have been using Safari when IE starts playing me up. The only trouble is that I don't have my favourites stored on other internet surfing programmes so I keep trying IE in the hope that it has suddenly sorted itself out!

Kay x

lisa said...

Your card is gorgoeus as always Kay. I posted about IE last week as it has been driving me crazy too and it seems everyone else has been having the same problems, thankgoodness!!!!
Anyway I have been using Firefox too without any problems, in fact it is much easier to use and you can import your favourites from IE so when you find your way around it's great.
Hope this helps.


Pauline said...

Hi Kay,

Love the colour combination, really warm and autumnal. I think Im going to have to buy me that My Mind's Eye pack. And the PB Scrolling stamp.

I use both Firefox and IE6. You can transfer your favourites from IE to Firefox. And the other day I discovered you can do the reverse. So now I have my fav links on both.


Cazzy said...

Thank you, I have Prismas which I understand are similar so I will have to try, I have found it difficult to colour shrink plastic with something that doesn't bleed afterwards or run.

Cazzy x

Kay Carley said...

Hi Guys. Thanks for all your posts regarding Firefox - I will definitely have to look into that when I get a minute!!

Cazzy - yes prisma pencils are the same as Coloursoft. It sounds as if you had been trying to colour shrink plastic with either water based or dye based inks which will both run and bleed. You won't have this problem with the pencils at all.

Kay x

Marion said...

Beautiful card. IE is giving lots of us problems. I had to change to Mozilla Firefox. So far so good.