Thursday, 28 May 2009

Stamp Addicts Workshop

So tomorrow I will be off up to see the Stamp Addicts girls. I am just keeping everything crossed that the weather will be nice and that I don't encounter any major hold ups. Every time I have driven up to Bedford I have been snarled up in traffic so it would make a really pleasant change if it could just go smoothly this time!

This is one of the cards that I have designed for the workshop. I thought it would be nice to use the new girl stamps and although this is a congratulations card for someone who has done well at school/college it can easily be turned into something else by replacing the books with a different image and altering the wording.

Yet another different colour scheme for me too! I don't often incorporate brown into my cards but I thought that it went quite well with my favourite colour of lilac!

As you can probably guess all of the products that you see on the card can be bought from Stamp Addicts - the strips of paper you can see is from a 12x12 sheet by Denami.


Anonymous said...

Hello Kay

Wow! Love the card & the fab colour scheme.

Often put lilac & cream together but have never ever thought of spicing it with brown, will certainly be copying.

Hope you have a safe & uneventful journey tomorrow & that your workshop goes well.

Don't know if I can make it to Stamp Addicts on Saturday as it is Cup Final day & I have to have my hubby chauffeur me & he is a real footie fan but I live in hopes of persuading him.

aka Rita

Kay Carley said...

Hi Rita,

I'm glad you liked the colour scheme and that you want to try it too!

If you can make it on Saturday it would be lovely to meet you but I think that as your husband loves his football that he will want to stay at home!

Either way have a good weekend!

Kay x

Julie said...

Hi Kay, I love your card, I have some of the new girl stamps which I really love.I have just made my daughter a birthday card with the Princess one. Funnily enough it does have brown in the colour scheme!
Good luck with your workshops

Nicki said...

Lovely image, really cute, love what you have done too, really lovely

Kay Carley said...

Thanks very much guys! I actually enjoyed making this one as it came together really easily!

Kay x

lisa said...

I love your colour combination, Kay, it's really unusual. Brown seems to work with so many things doesn't it?
Hope you have a safe and easy trip.


Kay Carley said...

Thanks Lisa. I hope so too!!

Kay x