Thursday, 5 March 2009

Pregnant Mimi

This card is made in the same way as the other Mimi cards using the same background stamp and products. However this time I decided to add some pretty background paper and so coloured Mimi with the Zig Brushables to match. I'm afraid that I can't remember whose background paper it is but I do know that it came from Stamp Addicts. The Congratulations stamp is by Denami and once again the squares have been punched out of suede paper and the letters handwrittten.

I've been asked about the glitter on the Relaxing Mimi post - I guess I should have explained a little more thoroughly. The Fine Prisma glitter is actually a 'loose' glitter by Denami. All I did was trace all the bubbles with a bullet tipped glue pen (Stiki glue pen) and then sprinkle the glitter over the top and tap off the excess. The glue then holds the glitter - this makes it more sparkly than traditional glitter glue (i.e. glitter mixed in with a glue base) as the particles of this Fine glitter (as opposed to the Ultra Fine) are bigger and therefore catch the light more. I hope this helps!

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Anonymous said...

Hello Kay
"Thanks" for the info' with regards to the glitter, no need to apologise as I have taken another look & realised that I did not read what you had done correctly.
However this glitter is new to me so I shall have to seek it out.