Monday, 2 March 2009

Dashing around

Ooops my post is a bit late today! As it was such a lovely sunny day I decided to take the opportunity to go and buy some craft supplies. So I hopped in the car and went to The Craft Barn in order to go and buy some more of those Copics that I was speaking about yesterday! The particular Copics that the Craft Barn sell are the Ciao markers which are the smaller barrelled ones - think normal marker size. There are currently 4 different colour sets of 36 markers as well as some smaller sets which to be honest I didn't really take much notice of as I knew I wanted the bigger sets! But the thing is how are you supposed to choose which set you want?!! I already had Set A which was a no-brainer as this set contained pastel colours which is very much my thing - in the end I plumped for Set C and Set D.............................well in for a penny in for a pound! The really bizarre thing is that as yet I haven't even coloured anything in yet with the set I have already got! In my defense though I have seen quite a lot of imagery that has been coloured with Copics and it looks really good so I am hoping fervently that my colouring will improve dramatically once I start using these markers. I also really like the idea of them - being that they are alcohol ink which of course means that the markers are going to work on a wide variety of surfaces too, so with that in mind I also got some metal to play around with. Once I have used the Copics I'll post up some imagery and you can let me know what you think!!

Now I know that Core-dinations cardstock has been around for sometime but it is a material that I have just not got around to exploring so while I was at The Barn I picked up a couple of packs of Core-dinations that caught my eye. One of the 12x12"packs contained an assortment of pretty pastel colours one side and black on the other which I thought could be quite interesting and the other 12x12" pack that grabbed my interest looked as if it was already 'distressed' in that there was a lighter colour and a darker colour already on the surface of the cardstock. Then as I wanted a selection of the normal Core-dinations I plumped for a smaller sized pack (can't remember the size off-hand - it might have been 8x8") of pretty pastel colours, so expect to see some core-dination based cards in the near future once I have played around with it. All I can say is that it is a good job that I don't normally get the time to go visiting craft shops - you really don't want to know what my bill came to!

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Debbie said...

Hi Kay

Thank you for the kind comment you left for my on my blog Kay. And no I don't mind if you use my vellum flower idea. In fact I'd be honoured. If you give me a mention when you do, that would be even better, it might get a few more people over to look at my blog too.

I have used your own butterfly/dragonfly collection stamps with vellum too. They look lovely. You can see them here if you care to look.

Good luck with your own blog, and with those Copic's, I use them all the time. I'm totally hooked on blogging, and wish I could craft for a living like you.

Hugs Debbie xx

PS. I have become a follower of your blog too.