Friday, 20 March 2009

Oh My God!!

This afternoon I finally got round to trying out my new Sarah Kay stamps that I got to do a class with at The Craft Barn in a couple of weeks time, and I cannot believe what marvellous quality they are!! Normally with clear stamps you cannot get the fine detail and they never stamp out well the first time but with these the minute detail is just staggering and they were an absolute dream to stamp out. Why has no-one told me this??? I would have gone and got some ages ago if I had realised how superb they are! To be honest I am not normally a lover of clear stamps because you cannot normally get such intricate designs but these are just amazing. I cannot wait to get more!

I am afraid that is as far as I got this afternoon was just stamping out some images as I was busy finishing off other things. Can you believe that I have made 18 cards this week?? I was making some cards for my submission for the August issue of Craft Stamper using some Magenta stamps and as I had got lots of pieces left over I just had to go ahead and use them all so I went ahead and made lots more cards! Unfortunately I cannot show them to you as although they vary slightly they are very similar to the ones I have done for the magazine.

Tomorrow though I will post up the card that I have made for my Mum for Mother's Day which was created in the same style but on a larger scale.

On a totally different note, today is my 1 month anniversary of blogging!! I cannot believe how quickly this last month has gone. I have really had some lovely comments over that time so thank you to all of you who have taken the time and trouble to do this - I do so love receiving your comments. Thanks too to those of you who bother visiting my blog and to those who follow it - it really means a lot. So if you'll have me I plan to stick around for this blogging lark for a while longer!!


lisa said...

Congratulations on your first month, I still have a week to go to mine, but this blogging lark is really addictive isn't it?
Can't wait to see the pics of your cards, they sound fab.

Artyjen said...

Yes it can become a bit of an obsession!

Debbie said...

Congrats on you first month Kay. You do get hooked so watch out. It's always great to see what others do and get inspiration from them too. Keep blogging.

Hugs Debbie xx