Friday, 13 March 2009

A Bit Blue.....

Today I am feeling just a little bit blue or at least I was until I saw some of the new designs by Sugar Nellie just now!! I cannot wait for them to be released!! I don't know what is wrong with me as I don't normally go in for 'cute' girls but as you already know I have recently become a fan of Sarah Kay and Elizabeth Bell and now I simply must have them!!

Normally at this time of year I would be busy demoing on Stamp Addicts stall at the NEC but instead here I am at home and today I have kept thinking about the NEC and wondering how the Stamp Addicts girls are getting on. I am definitely missing being there this year. Least of all because I am on a mission to find old Sarah Kay stamps and the NEC could have been a good place to talk to some other stamp retailers! Still perhaps with all the spending I have been doing recently maybe it is a good thing that I am not there after all!!

I absolutely LOVE demoing as it is so nice meeting like-minded people and I won't get my next 'show demo' fix until Newbury and July seems so far away........So being cooped up here at home has made me feel a little bit blue.......Still one good thing Kati from The Craft Barn rang to tell me that the Sarah Kay stamps were in that I am going to be using on my class in April so all being well they should turn up here tomorrow so that should cheer me up!!

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All Pink girl said...

Hi Kay xxx
i will realy miss you on sunday at the NEC i was realy hoping to see you again xxx
you know i love to see your demos lolxxxx
take care
hugs Dawnxxx