Tuesday, 24 March 2009

DL K Card

Here is a card using Penny Black stamps that I did for one of the June Weekend shows at The Craft Barn a few years ago this time using the DL size K Card template. So just like the square K Cards the place where the flower is stamped peeps through the front of the card to create a 3D look. As you can see I used the same background stamp as I used for the teddy K Card posted up a few days ago. Because the flower used for the main image was one of the Brush Stroke types by Penny Black I actually coloured the image with Marvys/Tombows then misted it slightly with a fine mist spritzer before stamping it out. The best way of doing this is to spray the mist of water up in the air and then allow it to fall onto the inked stamp - this way you just get a fine covering of water which is all you need to create the watercolour look.

Tomorrow I'll post up another card using the same stamps but this time with vellum added.

By the way thank you to Debbie, Lisa and Dawn for your kind words regarding yesterdays post - I really appreciate your comments.

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