Thursday, 8 October 2009

Where's Today Gone?

Oh dear today has just whizzed past and I don't feel I have achieved very much!!

The thing is the second draft of Colouring Techniques (one of my new DVD's)  turned up this morning and so of course I had to sit down and watch it through to see if it was ok.  Trouble is this particular DVD is nearly 3 hours long!!  Originally I was asked to make the DVD's around 45-60 minutes in length so somewhere along the line I really miscalculated!  Infact I think that I miscalculated for all three of the DVD's but this was definitely the worst!  Because of the length of this it is actually going to be made into a double DVD as it would have been such a shame to have got rid of most of it.

Anyway mission accomplished with watching this one and now I have the first draft of the third and final DVD to watch.  (By the way can I just say that this is torture for me having to watch myself on TV so much!  Normally with the shows on Create and Craft I will watch it once and then never again!! I'm convinced that I don't really look like that when I talk!!!!!)

Anyway just before I disappear to watch some more of me (!!) I wanted to tell you that The Craft Barn now have a new look to their website and also have this cool picture that you can add to your sidebar.  Scroll down my sidebar to see what I mean!  (Instead of an owl though I really think they should have had a squirrel!!!)

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IsaNorris said...

yeahh, why not... I knew about barn owls, not barn squirrels.... I love squirrels. I have a little black on stealing apples from the tree everyday here. will make a page soon.